5 basic ways to overcome the Digital detox

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To cope with the dependence on technology, senior marketing Manager and official Google representative Daniel Seeberg has developed a few simple rules shared in the book.

Likestory.net selected for you the most important ones.


1. Before you turn on any electronic device, ask yourself the question: “Why do I need it now?”

We often involve the device by inertia. For example, in the morning, barely opening my eyes, I climbed into the phone to check the news. But why take in the information flow before, at least brush my teeth? Give yourself time to Wake up and tune in to the upcoming working day.

2. Do not take phones, tablets and other equipment in the bedroom

Yes, the phones built-in alarm clock, and it is comfortable. But in this case, use the device only as a clock. The light from electronic devices irritates the receptors of the sleep, and the moment of falling asleep away.

5 basic ways to overcome the Digital detox

3. The restaurant does not put the phone on the table

Try to keep it in your pocket or purse. You’ll hear when you call. Until then, enjoy the fellowship and food.

4. Before publishing some information about their lives on social networks, think about who will read it

Imagine that you met all those people who you have “friends”. I would have told you the news personally?

5. Coming home from work, unplug the phone for at least an hour

Close haven’t seen you all day. Stay with them for some time without any distractions.