5 animals who seem to have forgotten who they really are

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Likestory.net have compiled a compilation of videos with animals that have forgotten who gave them birth nature. Look!

The cat grew up with two Rottweilers. Now he behaves like them!

Here, truly, to live with wolves-wolf howl. This cat grew up in rather harsh conditions, because in addition to his family, there is still a pair of huge Rottweilers.

As it turned out, similar twists and turns of fate not only did not break the will of the cat, but made him stronger. Now he can carry the team no worse than a well trained dog.

This furry friend certainly not to be trifled with, even if he can not give a strong delivery, it is certainly succeed. Here is an unusual cat!

The dog spreads out yoga mats. Everything that happens next — amazing!

Yoga is not just gymnastics, it’s a lifestyle, living in harmony with oneself and the world. The main character of the video below knows about it not by hearsay. Every morning, Judy spreads own yoga Mat, and proceeds to asanas. If you think she can do it is that the pose of the dog, you are mistaken in your Luggage this beauty a lot of exercises. And even if you can’t do them all in a good mood and positive charge for the whole day is guaranteed!

Parrot has decided to explain to the cat who’s boss. What came out of it?

Good manners is what differentiates an educated man from Hama. But who would have thought that our younger brothers are not alien to anything human. This parrot can be rude to the cat at Breakfast. Baleen did not endure the appalling behavior of the feathered friend, and slapped him. And while violence is always bad, be a lesson in good manners should go the bird!

Cat leaned out the window and BARK at passers-by. But it was the mistress of her catch…

It turns out that not only do people love to be reincarnated, animals also try on other roles. The main character of the video below loves to bark.

And as at home, the cat found with whom to practice this skill, she decided to look for a companion outside of it.

It is unknown where the mustachioed gained the dog’s vocabulary, the teacher should give credit to the language she speaks perfectly, and even speaks without an accent!

When his own mother abandoned them, the puppies took to this cat

They say the mother is not the one that gave birth, and the one that brought up. You may be surprised, but to adopt abandoned children made not only us humans but our younger brothers. It is unknown why this happened, but these adorable kids rejected by its mother. Without parental warmth and care to the kids just would not have survived, and then the shelter workers went on a desperate step. They showed puppies cat Nessie, who immediately knew what to do!