4 myths about fitness, which is dangerous for health

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You already know what gym do not lift too heavy for you weight, because risk breaking my back or pulling any muscles. And the treadmill need to go, when she stops completely, otherwise you may fall and break his nose – especially if you are clumsy. But there are things that are not so obvious: we decided to dispel the most common myths about the dangers that may entail a fitness room.

“To be evil is to have the motivation to exercise”

You have probably seen in the hall of people who go around looking like they just lost their house and they have revenge on that barbell or dumbbells for everything bad in their lives. Sometimes they loudly moan and scream when doing through the power of the press. So, they think it’s like a fight – the adrenaline rush in the blood will give strength and power. But even if it helps to pull one or two of the repeat, or to run two kilometers more on the treadmill, it will have a negative impact on the heart. New research has shown that if one attunes oneself so before a workout, that is causing anger and aggression, it can lead to a heart attack. This is not to mention the fact that the pressure increases and start destroying the body processes. It may be wise to cool a little before you go to practice?

“Rest is for the weak”

When you spend much time going to the gym, missing even one can seem like a terrible event that will wag your results. Actually going to the gym seven days a week – it means to cause your body more harm than good. A professional trainer say that the muscles and body in General needs a repair and “healing”. If this neglect and torture yourself everyday workouts, there is a risk of chronic fatigue, low immunity and a bunch of other ills. Active athletes are advised at least once a week to limit simple walk, and be sure to once a week give yourself a full day to rest.

4 myths about fitness, which is dangerous for health

“Warm up and stretching is not important”

Important. When you come for a workout, your muscles are not prepared – they are “cold”. When you exercise, especially power, you run the risk of getting injuries and sprains. To prepare your muscles for heavy lifting, they need to “warm up” and this will help warm-up. In addition to muscle, “thank you” for the warm-up will tell you the joints. Damage them even more dangerous than muscle. By themselves, they are fragile, so “pump” they need to be careful. In addition, warm up gets the blood flowing and increases the heart rate.

“Better to sweat in the gym, if you’re sick”

Indeed, it is better to sweat, but not in the hall, and resting at home. If you feel unwell, do not need to force yourself to go to the gym, hoping that you’ll feel better. First, to combat the virus to the body needs strength, and you’re gonna take away from him. Second, the use of such training will not be better to heal and return full of energy. Thirdly, it is not necessary to jeopardize the health of others – Yes, think of those who also trained with you in the hall: they certainly do not want to get sick. So at the first symptoms of the disease stay home and spoil your body a well-deserved, though not planned vacation.