14 facts about relationships that you will have to accept

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In relationships, we imagine that everything will always be perfect. But in life things happen a little differently. Are you ready to fight for your happiness?

1. Between you will arise conflicts and you will need to learn to compromise.

2. You won’t always feel sympathy with partner. Sometimes he will annoy you.

3. You will compare your partner with other people. And sometimes other people will tell you better.

4. Sometimes you will be bored and lonely together.

5. You will have problems in making love.

6. Sometimes you may feel that your partner no longer loves you.

7. Sometimes you will feel that relationships weigh you down. You will want freedom. At such moments, important not to make mistakes.

8. Love is a risk. The risk to open to the person who can make you a lot of pain. But who does not risk, that does not happen happy!

9. The relationship is not simple. Do not fold your hands and sit still. You need to grow and develop. If you stop doing it, it will ruin your relationship.

10. The fire of love between you does not necessarily become less. Just need always to support it.

11. Sooner or later you will have children. And while they are young you will have a little bit to push your needs to the second place. Children are always changes. Be prepared for it.

12. Sometimes will seem that you are much more invested in your relationship.

13. Sometimes you will hurt each other.

14. You will grow old together. How would it have not scared you.

14 facts about relationships that you will have to accept