What to do in 30, to get a better feel 50

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1. Quit Smoking.

“If you could see me now, I would get down on my poor, creaky knees and asked for at least to think about how to quit Smoking,” writes one user. No, really, it is expensive, unpleasant smells and with 100% guarantee cause health problems. Maybe it’s time to stop?

2. Maintain (or restore) good relationship with parents, brothers and sisters.

Even if you think you have a very complicated relationship with the family and sometimes you hate each other you have to learn to get along with loved ones. Family ties are very important. Soon you will realize that this is the most real wealth.

3. Use a sunscreen.

Want wrinkles, dry, flaky and thin skin, bruises almost from any touch? Then go to the beach and enjoy the sun without protective cream.

4. Exercise. This is really important.

Keep an active lifestyle now, then you will be quite active and 50. Do not gain weight. Exercise. Keep the body and the body is normal.

5. Start saving money. Even if it turns out to leave just a little bit.

Yes, it is boring, banal and uninteresting advice, but it really is necessary. In 30 years, a person almost always remains a little bit of money that can be saved. Start saving now and eventually get to make a lot of savings.

6. Learn to be content with what you have.

Happiness is much more important than fame or success. Instead of complaints learn to enjoy what you have, and you will feel really happy.

What to do in 30, to get a better feel 50

7. Do not delay the achievement of life goals for later.

Want to buy a house? To write a book? To get a degree or a second degree? To change career? To learn a new musical instrument? To run a business and work for yourself? Then start today. Don’t say you will come back to this someday. Time really seemed to have accelerated after 30.

8. Get enough sleep.

Sleeping enough. Go to bed and get up at the same time. Get rid of insomnia.

9. Take care of your teeth.

With age, dental problems. Treatment takes up more time and money. It is therefore not necessary to delay treatment until the intervention of the doctor will not be necessary.

10. Collect memories, not things.

You — this is your life experience. Very sad to Wake up at 50 and realize that, in addition to material goods, you have not accumulated anything. Memories cannot be thrown away, and they never depreciate.

11. Learn how to give.

Do a good deed. Let others what brings them joy. But do it with soul and from the heart. Don’t expect anything in return. Then your heart be filled with love.

12. Be curious. Do every day something that scares you.

Exit the house and do something crazy. Meddle into a real adventure! Take lots of photos, take someone close to you. These memories will warm you and in old age.

What to do in 30, to get a better feel 50

13. Stop eating nasty things.

In my entire life you can earn any amount of money and spend it on anything. But health will not buy. Better give up junk food, alcohol and other stuff right now.

14. Read at least 10 books a year.

Your brain all the time you need to develop, so stop wasting a lot of time on TV and video games and read a good book.

15. Travel. As much as possible.

Travel change us. They answer many questions. They inspire. They are forced to stop being afraid. Travel is the one thing that will help you feel alive.

16. Learn how to meditate.

It will take quite some time, and the changes in your life will be amazing. And there are many scientific studies that confirm this.

17. Be yourself. Stop comparing yourself with anyone.

Believe me, when you are 50, you will be completely still, what impression you make on others. Start your way. Become strong.

18. Keep a diary.

You will forget most of your precious memories. Keep a record of them. And be sure to save the pictures.

What to do in 30, to get a better feel 50

19. Take care of your friends.

Hold on to the people who help you feel better, who challenge you by their example that you really like. Laugh with them. Do dumb things. Enjoy life.