30 facts you must learn before 30 to understand how this world works

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The desire to learn everything about the world around him is inherent in the person since childhood. We are constantly searching everywhere answers to questions about various phenomena of our life.
Likestory.net shares with you 30 facts about our world that you should know before you turn 30.

1. 62 people own the same wealth as half the population.

2.The skeleton of an adult human consists of 206 bones, while the skeleton of a newborn they almost 270.

3.During the life of a person covers a distance of 5 equators of the Earth.

4.In Western Australia there’s a real pink lake.

5.The happiest time of the week on Saturday at 19.26

6.The scissors and the parachute was invented by Leonardo da Vinci.

7.In different parts of the world people see different amounts of the colors of the rainbow. For example, in the UK there are 6 in China 5 in the Arab countries — only 4, and in Russia as much as 7.

8.The more stars in the Universe than grains of sand on the beaches of the Earth, and atoms in one grain of sand more than the stars.

9.Jellyfish Turritopsis nutricula is the only immortal being on Earth.

10.The Rubik’s cube 43 quintillion possible situations.

30 facts you must learn before 30 to understand how this world works

11.Cats can publish about 100 different sounds. For comparison, dogs only about 10.

12.The lemon contains more sugar than strawberries.

13.The most productive day of the work week — Tuesday.

14.Apple will void the warranty on their machines if you smoked next to the device.

15.The height of the Eiffel tower can vary by 12 inches depending on air temperature.

30 facts you must learn before 30 to understand how this world works

16. The number of living organisms in a teaspoon of soil than the entire population of our planet.

17. You share your birthday with at least 19 million people in the world.

18. The national animal of Scotland is the unicorn.

19. On every continent of Earth except Antarctica, there is Rome.

20.Every day tourists throw from the Roman Trevi fountain is about 3 thousand euros.

21.North Korea conducts its calendar since 1912, the date of birth of Kim Il-sung, who is the founder and Eternal President of the country.

22.Every Wednesday at 15:30 women look older than their years.

23.The Navy of Mongolia consists of a single tugboat which is served by seven people, only one of them can swim.

24.Coconut milk is a sterile substance (of course, if the nut shell is not damaged) and used for intravenous injection as a substitute of the package for intravenous infusion in poor countries.

25.Indonesian volcano Gunung Ijen volcano spews blue lava.

30 facts you must learn before 30 to understand how this world works

26.The age of fish can be determined by “annual rings” that form on her scales.

27.The man lives in the past — approximately 80 milliseconds. Is the time it takes our brain to process information.

28.In 1954 in Bombay divorced so many rats that the government began to adopt the dead rodent as payment of taxes.

29.In the early nineteenth century in the coastal waters of Britain were driven so much lobster that they fed prisoners and orphans in shelters, and crushed for fertilizer.

30.If you stretch all of the DNA helix in our body and put them in a row, their overall length is 8 times the distance from Earth to the Sun