3 ways to make original temporary tattoo

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You like tattoos, but yet you are hesitant to make permanent? Or long choose between a mysterious inscription in Latin, traces of cat paws and initials of loved ones? But want unusually to adorn themselves this summer…

There is a solution! We advise not to rush to the tattoo parlor, and to try alternative designs and applications on the skin. Likestory.net found for you three new ways the option of temporary tattoo. Let’s try everyone!

Tattoo of dried flowers

You will need:

– Dried flowers (and leaves)

– Glue for false eyelashes

– Tweezers

– Hairdryer

– Hairspray

Dried flowers can be bought at a flower shop, and you can make yourself. Suffice it to recall the lessons of labor, to collect herbarium in the country or in a nearby Park and to dry a few buds between book pages (the book is better to choose heavier, and flowers is to leave it for a day or two). Flowers can also be dried in a microwave oven.

1. Select several types of flowers: it is best to bring plants of different colors, shapes and sizes, you can dilute them openwork leaves.

2. Then take the glue for false eyelashes (choose the one with the brush) and apply it on your skin where you plan to use your flower tattoo. Particularly impressive it will look on the forearm, just below the shoulder or on the shoulder. However, on the back you are unlikely something will fly themselves, so you’ll have to enlist the support of the other.

3. Using the tweezers, collect the pattern and stick it on the hand: gently prihlebyvaja finger flowers in the center and on the edges whirl your brush with glue to better secure the petals.

4. Give them 15 minutes of your application, it dried up. But if I have to run to a date (man to leave one in the summer is dangerous, there are so many girls in short shorts!), then just gently dry the tattoo with a Hairdryer. The reliability of the secure pattern of hairspray.

Ready! Now your loved one will not forget this date!

Edible watercolor

You will need:

– Food coloring

– Brush

– Waterproof eyeliner

– Paper napkins

Another simple and cool way to make a temporary tattoo, and it will appeal to all lovers of watercolour paintings.

1. First, find the picture you want to paint on the skin. It is better to choose a simpler pattern, but it is well-recognized. For example, draw on the hand a pineapple, a palm tree or, say, the treble clef.

Before you begin to paint on the skin, practice on paper and a good “fill the hand”.

2. Now apply the picture to the skin with waterproof eyeliner. Nothing if it will look a little sloppy, we create a “watercolor tattoo”.

3. Squeeze in a few different saucers of food coloring. Apply paint with a brush in their hand and every time a wet paper towel to avoid water stains. Let the picture be the center of your colorful kaleidoscope.

Ready! By the way, to wash away the figure you always can with the help of soap and means for removing makeup. And another tip: before applying check how your skin reacts to food dyes. To do this, slide the brush with paint on the back of the hand and leave it for a while to see if there is an allergic reaction.

Transferable tattoo

You will need:

– Printer

– Self adhesive paper

– Scissors

These “tattoos” can be ordered in the online store, and you can make yourself, and we will tell you how.

1. To start, select online pictures that you want to translate on the skin. Download them in PNG format. Then copy them into a new document.

Important: if your picture has labels, before printing you need to turn it horizontally (left or right) so that when you print the font was not “mirrored”.

2. Then instead of plain paper inserted into the printer self adhesive (sometimes written tattoo paper) and print our pictures.

3. Before applying the decal degrease the skin with alcohol. Now cut out the pattern along the contour, or as close to him, glued to the hand and thoroughly wetted with water.

4. Carefully remove the paper backing and enjoying this temporary tattoo!