3 videos that will make you believe in perfection and uniqueness of our Planet

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The mountain

What could be more beautiful than a fascinating, perfect scenery of nature in its various manifestations? Sometimes we’re too busy pressing their cases that don’t notice the beauty of the world around, catching moments of enchanting mountain landscapes, slowly rolling sun, you can not catch the marvelous beauty of a starry sky because it just can not see living in the metropolis.

The immense magnitude of the starry sky with a million little glowing planets, fields with incredible bright and vivid colors growing flowers, fresh green of the pine trees in the forest, the incredible shades of the sunset, transforming the clouds in a unique coloring colors, the Majesty of the rocky mountains and beating them on the edge of the waves, the vastness and the beauty, the perfection of the world that are not accustomed to notice us, all of it in three minutes shows us the author of the video, after that, I want to travel the world and see everything with your own eyes, isn’t it ?
Or at least it should just just try to capture moments of natural beauty, which live side by side ?

Dolphin Haze

Incredibly beautiful and calming video about dolphins. From this beauty is breathtaking. I want to watch again and again! You will receive a true delight!

Oneness New Zealand

Exclusive New Zealand” is the first joint art project of photographer and traveller Sean Reader, and musician and writer Kirsi Ranto for “Mission unity”. The main goal of this movement is to give love and beauty through art: using visuals and music.

Creative project “Exceptional New Zealand” consists of 8640 images, which were chosen out of 100’s of thousands of pictures taken during a three-month journey of Sean Reader in New Zealand. The adventure tour brought him a sea of emotions and the inspiration for this magical work. The inspirational music of Shaun Paul accompanied by the philosophical lines of poetry, Kirsi Ranto. All this is a great addition to the unique images the exclusive nature of New Zealand.

The manifestation of beauty and harmony can be found everywhere, just someone who notices the puddles of the stars, and some mud and swamp.