3 videos after which you also want the extreme

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Likestory.net have prepared for you a selection of the best extreme video.

Exciting jumping from a skyscraper in Dubai!

These exciting jumping from a skyscraper in Dubai will make Your heart beat faster!

 The most exciting and crazy kind of extreme!

Technical progress is constantly moving forward by leaps and bounds. Compact video camera GoPro is a real little miracle. The convenience and versatility of its use is simply amazing. Most popular camera purchased from lovers of active holidays and extreme sports. It allows you to capture something that previously no one could. Now we are just watching, almost able to feel the full range of emotions experienced by athletes, extreme.

Brandon Mikesell with the help of several GoPro showed its flight in a wing suit. An incredible experience. First, the beauty of the landscape observed from the top of the Swiss mountains. Secondly, the feeling of free flight and the realization of eternal human dream to climb into the sky.

Because of the little technological miracle, we can see it for themselves…

Crazy jumps, just from the sight of which is breathtaking!

Video specially for the fans of extreme sports and thrills.