3 documentaries filmed on the verge of life and death! Be sure to view!

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Did you know that the documentary is a very special type of filmmakers? Insatiable hunger for the truth sometimes makes them do incredible things.

Likestory.net made for you a selection of documentaries in which the filmmakers throw themselves serious challenges.

“How to be a hero”, 2007, Serbia

3 documentaries filmed on the verge of life and death! Be sure to view!

Director: Mladen Maticevic

Imagine: you are over forty, you already don’t exercise and you have more than a dozen extra pounds. In addition, you have a personal and creative crisis. Do you come up with the idea to run the nearest marathon? Unlikely. But it was such an unusual solution to the crisis chooses a Serbian Director Mladen Maticevic. He decides that this is able to regain faith in themselves.

Captivating irony, contagious optimism and stubborn faith in the objective force the viewer to intently follow the UPS and downs of the Director. In our eyes, an ordinary man becomes a real hero. Someone will say that thousands of people run marathons, but come the penultimate, as Mladen, not such a achievement. But this story is not about 42 kilometers. It is about self — respect and the restoration of the undermined faith in their own strength.

“Fat, sick and nearly dead”, 2010, Australia, USA

3 documentaries filmed on the verge of life and death! Be sure to view!

Directors: Joe Cross, Kurt Engfehr

Joe Cross, an Australian entrepreneur, for a long time and, seemingly, irrevocably lost their health and good physical shape, decides to undertake a course of juice fasting. In his case it is not a question of health, it is a matter of life. Sixty days Joe eats only fresh juices from fruits, greens and fruits. In the beginning of his career he suffers from loneliness and feelings of social exclusion, but gradually freed from emotional attachment to food. He travels the United States with a juicer in the trunk and in the course of their journey he asks the Americans about the culture of their food.

In 2014, Joe Cross is releasing the second part of the movie “Fat, sick and nearly dead”, which tells about the success of promoting the idea of juice fasting on the experience of other brave men who joined the “reset”.

“Double portion”, 2004, USA

3 documentaries filmed on the verge of life and death! Be sure to view!

Director: Morgan Spurlock

At the time this work became a hit and had a marked influence on the food culture in the United States. The film “supersize” is not just an extreme experiment, but a large-scale study of the problem of excess weight and the proliferation of fast-food culture. Morgan Spurlock, documentary filmmaker, became interested in the trials of corporations of fast food and decided to experience the so-called Mac diet. Within a month he eats only in the well-known fast food chains, without missing any of the three mandatory meals. Gaining weight and losing health, some times he is on the verge of collapse of the experiment, but in the end, sacrificing health for the sake of the truth, decides to get to the end.

Now, when it’s been over ten years since the release of the film, he certainly does not seem to us shocking or revealing the truth. Over the years, food culture and healthy lifestyle has significantly strengthened its position in the US and around the world. But there is merit and dedication with Morgan Spurlock, isn’t it?