25 rules for men, who have a daughter

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“Over the last few years I became a dad of one daughter and three. Almost simultaneously. It happened to me. As a result, I began to write for yourself keep a list of “Rules for men who has a daughter.” Have fun. Supplemented. Smile.” – says Oleg Konevskikh.

25 rules for men, who have a daughter

1.Everything that tells you eldest daughter. Everything that says medium. Everything that Junior says. Even if it is meaningless babble, it’s important. Spend time and listen.

2.All the girls are beautiful. And don’t dare not to repeat it many many times in a day.

3.She’s not my mom. You’re a dad. Not a substitute for a spouse. You have your function.

4.Forget about raising your voice. Do not program the future bitch. Flared — ask forgiveness. Parents are people too.

5.Toys does not happen a lot or a little. Requests to purchase new, offer to give the younger group two old.

6.Every girl is a Princess. Flattering? But not a drop! Look for the pea. And screw the Princess. Hard work.

25 rules for men, who have a daughter

7.If it rings older daughter, this does not mean that she will ask for money.

8.A hug is important. It’s small. Around a lot of big and scary, that will not protect even mom. No matter what your little 22…. The tenderness and love daughter — incredible value on a galactic scale.

9.Daughter breaks up with you in the garage? Wants to help remove the snow? Give her a few nuts and bolts, small shovel — more diligent and careful assistant you will not. Even after ten years.

10.Create a tradition. Close garage doors / peel potatoes /brush your hair after bath — just with dad. Always. Or almost always. This is an important case together.

11.A daughter should always know that daddy will protect her. Even if you quarrel with a boy in kindergarten or calling from another city and asks to take her out of the ethnic quarter. Disassembly — then. The main thing — protection.

12.Tired of the mess in the room? Look at the points above, remember about the Princess and made her Cinderella and we start a joint business with your minimum participation.

13.Do not hurt the dentist or the nurse in the laboratory of the clinic. They want health for your child. Try to explain this to my princesses. Important doctors in a woman’s life a lot. Much more than in a man’s life.

14.Every daughter is entitled to a personal publication only with dad. Yes, at least in the circus! (And it is interesting that you hate the circus?)

25 rules for men, who have a daughter

15.Mom is never wrong. Both of you are wrong. Or all at once. “We” is important.

16.Like to roll after work on the couch and watch hockey? “Help” on the hockey entire family (the individual female is always beautiful!). And you won’t have to buy a second plasma.

25 rules for men, who have a daughter

17.All girls have the right to cry. Just. Wiping tears and makeup on your dress shirt. If your daughter runs to you to cry, it is an occasion to reflect. Well, for tantrums get place. And name: “a Place for whining.” Nobody wants to whine in the place to whine — it’s a fact.

18.To compose your serial tale. With your heroes. Will remember for a lifetime.

25 rules for men, who have a daughter

19.Your daughter is not of fine crystal. She also has the right to jump on the trampoline, dive into the hole and break your knees.

20.Create “their” rules. For example, we come across only holding daddy’s hand, “That you, dad, run, and see what your beautiful daughter.” Or, for example, “Cookies and muffins will not be very tasty, if younger members of the family climb to the oven. Or: “Cock in the coloring book should be colorful,” just because we decided so.

21.The most valuable effort. If your Princess still can’t draw, but trying — praise her for trying. With respect (but without hypocrisy!) show her the motion vector for growth. Hypocrisy is a lie, too, but the view through rose-colored glasses.
22 .”I want to wear it that purple dress, with a horse.” Let. If the weather permits, of course.

23.Guys, don’t try to understand how 4-year-old lady alone understands the complex garb of fifteen petticoat. Once tried to help. Understand that the anti-girly instincts will not trample. But with simple clothes, but with buckles, snaps need help. This speeds up the process. Well, Princess happy — taking care of her!

24.Never reveal the secrets she shared with you. Even if the Princess herself about them spilling all over the yard and light.

25.Who says the flowers have to give only to the wife?

25 rules for men, who have a daughter