25 rules of fate that will make you happy

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There are 25 rules of fate. Who invented them is unknown. But those who examined them, largely agree and in the future try to stick to them. It’s not even rules, and psychotherapeutic technique. Its mission is reassurance. The process is long. It takes dedication and perseverance. Therefore, the rules should be taken seriously and thoughtfully, and should read them every day. If you read once and throw away, then nothing will. It is best to hang them in the room, so they constantly catch the eye. Try it, and very soon make sure, that life will become much easier.

1. Getting around the emptiness, but it needs to be filled.

25 rules of fate that will make you happy

2. To achieve the one desire is not enough — you need to make a decision. Only in this case will be opportunities.

3. To change your path, you need to stop, and then start moving in the other direction.

4. In life you have to pay for everything. But the most expensive is inaction. Sometimes it becomes apparent only at the end of life’s journey.

5. If a person always fears to do something wrong, make a mistake, it is, without even knowing it, makes the biggest mistake of his life.

25 rules of fate that will make you happy

6. Like always attracts just like. In life, nothing is random. We attract to themselves not those people who would like to see near myself, and those who are completely like us.

7. If You see that the goal is unreachable, then concentrate on other targets. Reaching them, try to get back to achievement first.

8. If life is not to ask, and she won’t give. If you ask something vague, then the gift will be wearing the same character. It is always necessary to articulate the desire.

9. In life there is no absolute pleasure. It is always limited by our perception of the world.

10. You seek to change? Then forget about passivity. Thanks to her, missed the opportunity offered by fate. Mark the route and destination. But to reach it, you need to go.

25 rules of fate that will make you happy

11. Life always forces us to solve those tasks which a person avoids to solve. They are impossible to hide, as without solving some problem now, it will have to decide on a different stage of life. But to pay for a solution a lot more.

12. Choice in life is always there. Sometimes it is the lack of choice. In a world of many possibilities. But, purchasing one, always losing something else. Therefore, losses are inevitable. But they can always be considered as a new purchase.

13. New always implies the destruction of the old. But it is necessary not only to destroy, but to clear the space. And that requires energy, time and knowledge. Because you need to know what to build and how. If such knowledge would be better not to destroy. Otherwise, you can build something terrible.

14. People trying to change life but they are prevented from old stereotypes and habits. They try to return him to a familiar pastime. Therefore, the changes are always very slow and require large mental costs.

15. Any one of us attracts to himself just what he loves the most, waiting for or afraid, because this focuses the mind. Fate never gives extra. She is generous, but only under the desired. Extend the scope and get more.

25 rules of fate that will make you happy

16. All life is full of opposites. Someone we love, someone we hate. You’re friends with someone, and someone else duking it out. Acquired and lose, meet and part. Man seeks stability and at the same time experiencing frustration from a measured flow of life. It is impossible to understand something without knowing its opposite.

17. People strive for harmony. But to achieve it, we need harmony within ourselves. This acceptance of their strengths and weaknesses, awareness of their imperfections and inner peace. It is necessary that the mind, actions and feelings act in unity.

18. We need to understand that the world is not created for mere pleasure. It is often not in line with our expectations and ideas about it. But we must always strive to do good. One who is not capable of it, will never be able to appreciate the good received from others.

19. Always annoying people that sits in the. Other people can be our mirrors. You only need to carefully examine them. Then we can better know ourselves.

20. If You are overwhelmed by a strong desire for something to possess, it means that You do not recognize their abilities and merits. Look at yourself, maybe You have much more than desire.

25 rules of fate that will make you happy

21. It is very difficult to resist negative thoughts. They are forced to suffer, to suffer, to worry. This negative Roy highlight one thought and suppress it. Then You break the malware chain, and it is not so much to annoy You.

22. Accept yourself the way You are. Then the anxiety, the excitement, the complexes will disappear, and You will be able to start a full life.

23. The world around us, absolutely neutral. It’s we make it good or bad. Try to perceive reality positively, and then she will be happy and joyful.

24. Never treat the opinions of others as to the truth in the last instance. To be all good is impossible. There will always be detractors. Don’t let them take You over the top.

25. We all come into this world from nowhere and go nowhere. So maybe the meaning of our existence is life itself in all its manifestations?

25 rules of fate that will make you happy

Simple rules isn’t it? But nevertheless they are very beneficial to the perception of the world. To observe them is not difficult, and the benefits they bring is invaluable!