11 rules of a happy woman

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Many women neglect these rules in mind. And absolutely nothing! Guided by simple tips, you can become truly happy, successful and create a strong family with a decent man.

Likestory.net are pleased to present the rules to you.

11 rules of a happy woman
These rules are very simple and easy to remember. Only need:

1. To care for themselves.

To be neat, clean and smell nice.

2. Don’t waste your time on trifles.

Not to change partners as gloves. Real men never pay attention to girls readily available.

3. To do a woman’s job.

A woman should be able to cook, wash, sew, care for children, etc., thus it creates a cosiness in the house, so I wish to find a man.

4. Getting rid of bad habits.

A woman who drinks, smokes, curses, eats a lot, etc. not only destroys your physical health, but also loses its natural attractiveness in the eyes of other people.

5. To be able to get rid of stress.

Resentment, anger, jealousy, hatred, aggressiveness, fear, jealousy, etc. are subjected to our physical and mental health negative attacks which accumulate and manifest as different diseases.

6. To accept their feminine nature.

The nature of women is to harmonize around the world, if not the entire, family relationships clear. A woman needs to understand that the head of the family – man, and in any case not to take on inappropriate responsibilities. Woman is born to give love and receive love, support, and inspire her husband and children, to help with advice, showing respect. To be feminine, soft … to Be a supportive friend for each family member.

7. To love not only heart, but mind.

Many women love the wrong men, naively believe that those will change. This is not so. In most cases, women are disappointed, some pent-up resentment and regret about spent forces, and men begin to see women grouchy and arrogant witches. And destroyed love. You always have to watch for the future: the suitability of this person for the role of a husband, is it possible to live my life with him, without the desire to change his character, habits, etc. falling in Love sooner or later will leave, what then remains?..

8. Very serious approach to the question of marriage.

The main women’s task – the right to marry, because it affects not only her happiness but also the happiness of her husband and future children.

9. The desire to keep the family together.

The woman is the heart of the family, it is very important to make the house harmony 100% to be a Keeper of the hearth.

10. To the goodness of this world.

If the woman is a goddess, so she has to live as the goddess, but do not confuse it with arrogance, pathos and greed. The goddess is the one who lives by following his true nature, this woman deserves kindness and respect and has the full right to receive gifts, compliments, attention and everything that brings her happiness.

11. To be able to be happy regardless of the situation.

Woman, and man too, should be able to let go, to forgive and not to dwell on the bad. The ability to enjoy the little things and be happy here and now – is the key to success, health and joy.