21 way to catch the inspiration

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Likestory.net know how to find inspiration when time is short, and still no. Read the text — they should appear.
21 way to catch the inspiration
If you have 10 minutes

1. Listen to the music

Scientists believe that music with a rich structure and complex rhythm affects the part of the brain that is responsible for inspiration. There is even a theory that Mozart’s works to mobilize the intellectual and creative abilities. Although it has not yet been conclusively proven, the classics never hurts.

2. Write by hand

Turn off your computer, take a beautiful notebook and pen. The smell of wet ink, the rustle of paper — probably forgotten experience will be a source of inspiration. By the way, many famous writers, Truman Capote and Susan Sontag, for example, prefer to write it by hand, although their less famous colleagues already scribbled on typewriters. In the process of writing by hand involves the thinking, speech and memory, so this workout will improve intellectual abilities and will retain the sharpness of mind.

21 way to catch the inspiration
3. Meditate

There are no new ideas, and the deadline is near? 10 minutes of meditation will relieve you from the destructive panic and immerse the body in a condition in which the brain itself will begin to seek more answers to their questions.

4. Ask someone’s opinion

Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you feel stalled. By sometimes do know better. You will be able to look at the problem from a different angle and, who knows, maybe reconsider the whole way of thinking. The more opinions, the closer the solution.

5. Look at something blue or green

In most people the color blue is associated with the boundless ocean and sky, and green with growth and new life. Scientists have found that these colors are beneficial to the development of creativity and improve mood. Creative crisis? Look at the globe. Well, or googling pictures of Goa, is also an option.

21 way to catch the inspiration
6. Play Association

Oddly enough, absolute freedom is not always conducive to the creative process, and sometimes it is useful to place some limits. For example, open a dictionary at any page, randomly select a word and write down all related ideas. So you make the brain work in a given direction, and all creativity is concentrated within the desired topic.

7. Take a break

Preoccupation with the problem of paralyzing the brain, and therefore any opportunity to generate her decision. Your mind is a room, in which air should always circulate and stay fresh. Think about something abstract, walk around the room, do, in the end, some leg lifts from our selection. This is a great way to unwind a little. If you need to solve something incredibly important but you are shackled by fear and uncertainty, think about something distant. Studies have shown that thoughts about past events or the future improve the ability to make decisions. So where you say you are going to celebrate the year 2025?

8. Motion

It is believed that left — handed- people are naturally creative because they have a dominant right hemisphere, which is responsible for creativity. Using the left hand stimulates creative thought and imagination, so during the discussion try to use both hands, as it contributes to the work of two hemispheres.

21 way to catch the inspiration
9. Relax

To the maximum extent possible to conduct productive workplace, you will in any case not to sacrifice lunch. So drop the habit of spending the whole day in front of the monitor without interruption. The secret of fruitful work and unfailing enthusiasm is hidden in the rest. Half an hour after lunch in a horizontal position to restore power, switch the attention and provoke the influx of new energy. We certainly understand that many of this item would seem a utopia, but the leaders of some the Moscow companies, realizing the importance of the issue has already been organized in the offices of small recreation areas for their employees (and it’s not only about Mail Group, Google and Yandex).

10. From General to specific

Select the object and disassemble it into components. For example, a flower is a stem, petals and leaves. This exercise helps you to get to the bottom. People who practice this way are more resourceful in solving problems.

11. Laugh

Don’t care if it’s someone annoying. A positive attitude is half the battle. Laughter activates the area of the brain responsible for emotions and decision-making. Even a little chuckle quite a spark of inspiration, and there already and to flame a short distance.

21 way to catch the inspiration
If you have 30 minutes or less

1. Communicate

Discussion with the people most important and urgent, ranging from concerns and challenges, finishing projects and ideas, not only to replace going to a therapist, but will give you all the opportunity to get together and come up with several solutions to the problem. Also it is not necessary to avoid contact with people who can’t do without your caustic sarcastic remarks. Because in order to come up with a witty remark in reply, we need to think carefully.

2. Exercise

Physical activity develops not only the body but also the mind. People involved in sports, will cope with creative tasks than their colleagues received. Practice yoga — child’s pose and pigeon pose will increase the creativity.

3. Do something with your hands

Creating something with your hands, you Express feelings and thoughts without resorting to words. Embroider, paint, cook, sculpt. Apart from the pleasure from process and result, you will develop fine motor skills, which is closely connected with the thought processes, creativity, imagination, and memory. Accordingly, the risk of developing dementia and other terrible diseases will be significantly reduced.

21 way to catch the inspiration
4. Try something new

Even the most fascinating business in the end can become a habit and quietly become a routine. This process, alas, is natural and irreversible. But there is a little trick that can radically change perception. Routine is not only boring and monotonous work, but, as a rule, monotonous life, the best cure for which is a novelty. Having to learn something new, once is enough to break the usual chain of events. Our brain gets used to a certain sequence of actions and is no longer aware of what is happening, therefore, to improve concentration, you need to “cheer up”. Change at least one link scenario will lead to complete its restructuring. Wake up 15 minutes earlier and make something of reach. Get to work on the bike, not the subway. You will be surprised how effectively this works.

5. Take a NAP

In any unclear situation go to bed. During sleep there is a complete reboot of all the submissions and judgments. In the morning you will have to wait for the right solution. Well, about a day dream, you already know from the previous paragraphs.

21 way to catch the inspiration
If you are limited in time

1. Don’t wait for perfection

The desire to be first, and obsession with success, usually paralyzes inspiration. Remember: creativity is a process, and the more pleasure he brings you, the better the result. Dive headlong into what you do, and do not expect awards. By the way, very useful to recognize his defeat and sometimes hearing “no”. In such cases, the brain starts to work hard to find new, more original ways of achieving goals. Most often failure becomes the starting point for the next, more successful stages.

2. Travel

This item is not exactly self-explanatory. I can only add that it is best to travel independently. Find tickets, housing and entertainment will require a lot of mental costs and allow creativity to work in full.

21 way to catch the inspiration
3. Outline

The enemy must know in person. Make your own black list, which on the one hand write all outstanding issues and things that do not give to live in peace, and on the other the possible solutions. The rule is to write down everything that comes to mind. This way you will free up space for new ideas, and the old you is here to stay. In the moment of creative crisis, such an outline can be very useful.

4. Take care of your work space

Organize your work space so that getting into it, you immediately wanted to do. Make a mood Board, which will bring together everything that inspires you. Try not to overwhelm workplace with all sorts of figurines, bottle caps and other memorable thing. Thoughts need space. If that does not work, try to change your location, you might like to work in the Park (remember the favor of green?) or in a cozy coffee shop (choose a place closer to the window and away from the window with desserts).

5. Stay alone

There are times when you just need to be alone with him. Turn off the phone, lost with all network radars and go for a walk around town or to stay home in the society of his thoughts. At least for a few hours be their only source. Believe me, you will have something to say to each other.

21 way to catch the inspiration