20 ways to be happier in just half a minute

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Sometimes to become happier, you need only to want. Scientists conducted an experiment in which he asked volunteers during the week just to try to feel happy. Happened. Participants noted that they increased the mood. Better yet, reinforce intentions and do something that almost instantly will give the feeling of happiness and fullness of life.

1.Remember three good things that happened to you today. Not necessarily big events like a salary increase in two times. Let it be the pleasant trifles, which consists of a day: you are simply divine cooked Breakfast or played with the child, despite the desire to crash on the bed and read. Better to record them in a diary. It helps to enjoy the little things, are quietly changing their attitude to life.

2.Buy colleagues of apples, put them on the table and say that you may eat and rejoice. Scientists have proved that when we spend money on others, we become happier. Yes, to give better than to take.

20 ways to be happier in just half a minute

3.Give a trifle to a stranger, which at the checkout suddenly not have enough money to pay for the purchase. Why does it make you happier? See paragraph 2. You’ll also receive the sincere gratitude of someone you helped, and that’s priceless.

4.Have a coffee with a chocolate cookie. (Excuse us, but we could not pass up this item. It really enhances the mood — checked thousands of times.) Or green tea with dried fruit — to each his own. Goodies cause endorfiny emissions, enhance mood.

20 ways to be happier in just half a minute

5.Several times to PROPERLY breathe. Many, without noticing, breathing, surface breathing, when the chest is lifted only slightly, and the stomach is not involved at all. But such a breathing characteristic of the state of stress in the brain and activates the reverse reaction — we are more go into a depressed state. As recommended by researchers from Harvard school of medicine, take a few deep and slow breaths to relaxed belly is slightly bulged on the breath (very important to use the diaphragm) and the rib cage expanded. You will feel like a releases stress, there comes a sense of peace and even the world around becomes brighter. And forget that stupid rule involve the stomach and most do not want — so we care about external beauty at the expense of health and happiness.

6.Slowly turning his head from side to side, look around you. Pay attention to colors and surfaces, people and plants near you. No need to evaluate, just observe. This will help to feel yourself here and now and less focus on my own thoughts.

7.Hearing the birds singing, stop and locate it in the foliage. When you walk through the Park, watch the ants busily, tear off a leaf of the tree and examine its structure, feed the birds or scratched behind the ear of a kitten. The observation of animals and plants, proximity to nature makes us happy. Time to explain exactly how it works, but it is a proven fact.

20 ways to be happier in just half a minute

8. Take off your shoes and walk barefoot on the grass or on the sand at the Park. Yes, even the hot asphalt. A pleasant tactile sensation lift your spirits in a jiffy.

9. Sit up straight. Watch your posture. Scientists say that the one who slouches, feeling worse, suffer from lower self-esteem and insecurity.

10.View photos from vacation. Psychologists advise to keep on the desktop or in the phone photo of your family where you are happy and all together on holiday or in nature. Half a minute admiring the picture — and the stress and pressure drop.

11.Just smile. Yes, it is as simple as it sounds: we become happier when you smile. Scientists have found that a smile, even artificial, triggers the production of hormones responsible for a state of happiness. By the way, nobody prevents you to think about the good things that are in your life. So the smile will become artificial in the most that neither is sincere.

12.Give someone a small gift. Just like that, without reason. I bought the earrings and thought they are well suited friend? To buy and give, it is not necessary to wait for the birthday.

13.Listen to good positive song. May sound corny, but works perfectly. In one study people were asked to identify from photographs, happy or sad the people depicted on them. In most cases, their response was determined by the mood of the music test subjects were listening to at that moment.This means that next time you’d better listen to Maroon 5 and Nirvana.

14. Send words of gratitude. Remember who and what good is done for you lately, and you due to the constant rush and never thanked properly. Even if you thanked the person will be very pleased that you did not forget about his service and took the time to say thank you once again. Scientists set up an experiment in which people wrote them letters of gratitude every week. Very soon the participants noted that they feel happier than before. Yes, and your relationships with people will be warmer — here’s another plus.

15.Make a sincere compliment to a stranger. Saw, for example, the girl stunning dress — say so. An unexpected and pleasant compliment on the street, the things people remember over the years.

20 ways to be happier in just half a minute

16. Widely step. Happy people striding, and it’s not a metaphor. As in the case of smile, it triggers a chain reaction in the brain. The freer we go, the happier we are, as paradoxical as it may sound. Try to walk in small shuffling steps, staring at his feet. Do you feel happy? That’s what it is.

17. Call or email to a friend about whom I’m thinking but not going to call. After all, “sometimes all you need is to talk to friends.” And it’s not scientists, it’s one of the rules of Moomins, which has never let nobody down.

18. Massage the ears. Massage in General has a truly magic power and cancels the heavy attitude at times. But yourself a full massage we can do, but it can for half a minute to stretch your ears. This will not only raise the mood, and cheer, make the thinking is sharper and clearer. First, pull the ears down, up and to the side, guiding them back slightly, make a circular motion. And then vigorously RUB your ears, starting from the top of the sink and ending with the lobe.

19.Get out of the closet a beautiful Cup and make yourself tea and coffee in it. We used day-to-day use of little, ordinary things and forget that we all have beautiful things. Writer Jamie cat Callan, author of French women don’t sleep alone”, says the French will never forget Nana gave silver tea service — it will appear on her Desk every day, not just on holidays. When we indulge ourselves with an unusual and beautiful things, it increases self-esteem and makes us happier.

20.Have a chat with someone about anything, even about the weather. Do not be lazy to join these cute little conversations, if appealed to you. Many people avoid small talk (small talk — eng.), and for good reason. According to studies, people who communicate a lot with others, even strangers, are often in high spirits. Talk about nothing, with a colleague at work with a nice lady in a shop, with the stranger who sat beside you on the bench. Scientists who study behavior problems, is called “social snacking”. Perhaps this is the most healthy snack in the world.

20 ways to be happier in just half a minute

Well, if for some reason it does not work, there is one last method of control to hug someone tightly. This one is the best well-known person.