20 useful iPhone features that you never knew

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According to statistics, every tenth smartphone user — the owner of the iPhone. But few people know that apart from the huge number of well-known functions the iPhone has unique hidden features that are only experienced owners.

Likestory.net hopes that these chips will help you to work with your smartphone more efficiently.

A complex password

20 useful iPhone features that you never knew

The default password for your iPhone – is a four digit number. If you want to strengthen the security of iOS devices and create a password of numbers and letters you need to display a full keyboard on the monitor. To do this:
Go to “Settings”, select “General”.
Select “password Protection” and enter the current password.
The following item: “plain password” next to it is selected to “ON”.) we need to change the button to OFF).
Enter your old four-digit password and then a keyboard will appear where you can enter any digit-letter password.

Fast charging

Charging the iPhone can be slightly reduced if you put it in airplane mode”, disabling all the network part. The difference is small — the strength of 10-20%, but if you have only 30 minutes to recharge, and some extra interest.

Listen to mail

You can literally listen to new messages in the mailbox, or rather, to know the name of the sender, the date, time and topic of the letters. To do this, simply activate Siri and say in English “Read my email”.

To see the exact time the message was sent

20 useful iPhone features that you never knew

Go to any conversation in messages, be it SMS or iMessage, and swipe to the left — side you will see the exact time when it was received or sent a particular message.

Temporary switching of layouts

It is sometimes necessary to enter a mixed text, consisting of alternating letters and numbers. No need to constantly switch between the alphabetic layout in digital: to enter a single digit just hold down the “123” button with one finger, and others click on the correct number. This trick also works with punctuation marks and other symbols located on the numeric keypad.

The fast entry point

Not to switch the layout when you want to put a period at the end of the sentence, just double tap on the space bar — the system will automatically place a point, make a space and start a new word with a capital letter. Very comfortable and instantly remembered.

Quickly delete text

In iOS there is a system undo/redo when working with text. Scored on-screen keyboard is not the text and want to remove it quickly? Just shake the phone and press the menu button “Back” — text will removed. If you suddenly change your mind — shake the smartphone once again and click Retry. This scheme works in all the places where there is input field for text.

Text selection

Double tap on the word allows you to highlight the entire word. This feature is borrowed from computers, where for this purpose, a double-click. Four taps in a row allocate the whole paragraph, which can be useful when you need to send a text.

Caps Lock

Individual keys on the keyboard of the iPhone is not, however, enable Caps lock by double-pressing shift.

.com .EN on the keyboard

20 useful iPhone features that you never knew

Typing in the address bar of the website to quickly enter the domain .EN or .ua you must hold down the button .com then you will see the advanced menu with various options of input domains.

Calculator for engineering calculations

If the iPhone is positioned horizontally when working with the calculator, you will have the opportunity to work with advanced features of the calculator that is displayed on the screen calculator for engineering calculations.

Self-portrait with the button on the headset

Cable for Apple headphones there are buttons that you can use for self-portraits. Click the volume up in camera mode or the middle button (start/Pause) in video recording mode.

The camera without removing the lock

Directly on the lock screen, to the right of the unlock slider, there’s a little icon of a camera. Pull it up and you will be taken to the camera app. This is useful if you need to immediately capture an event or if you give the smartphone to take a photo.

Photos using the volume buttons

20 useful iPhone features that you never knew

Instead of trying to take a photo using the touch circle on the screen, press the volume up on the side panel. So much easier to hold the phone.

Continuous shooting

In the process of photographing with the use of the standard application “Camera” click on the capture button and hold it the phone will start scribbling pictures like a machine gun. Then in the inline interface, you can quickly select the best shots and delete failed. The feature is useful while shooting some exciting movements, for example, the game favorite animal or trick of the extreme.

Switch and rewind songs using the headset

I’m sure many regularly use the native headset from Apple, but did not know that with the button answer a call, can switch songs while listening. All elementary — double-click include next track, and triple the previous. Hold to fast forward.

Set the timer to play music

20 useful iPhone features that you never knew

If you like to fall asleep listening to favorite tracks, this function will be useful for you. In iOS there are on sleep mode while playing music. In the Clock app and select the tab “Timer”, then put the required time and at the point of choice “At the end” is specified ringtone, select the item “Stop”. Then start the timer.

Individual vibration

the iPhone can vibrate differently. Just go to your “Contacts”, choose any and click on the “Edit” button, then just scroll down. You can change the pattern of vibration for ringtone and messages by selecting from a dozen available options or create your own.

Fast rewind the pages on the top

In any iOS app to instantly get to the top of the page, click on its top bar header where the information about the operator, time and battery.

Building level

20 useful iPhone features that you never knew

Open the Compass app and swipe left takes you to the interface is simple and easy level that works in all positions with the phone vertical, horizontal, and in “lying”.

Quickly hide notifications

Swipe right to left on the banner notification about a received text message, to instantly remove it from the screen.