10 tips that will make you another person

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Don’t expect it to be easy. It will be difficult! But after going through these tests, you will not recognize yourself and your life. During the 30 days follow all that is written below.

Are you willing to risk?

1. Try the next 30 days to in the only good words that bring pleasure and joy. To the question “How are you?” no “okay,” only “Everything is fine”.

2. Every day, try something new. Believe me, the world has so many interesting things! And if you are lucky, you will discover in yourself such as previously unaware of.

3. Every day do one selfless act. You have no idea how nice it is to do good for someone.

4. Share your skills and talents with others. Try every day to teach someone something that you can do better. Give people and they will give you their gratitude and love.

5Select each day 1 hour for what you like. Your Hobbies add to your life paints.

6. Be kindness. To everything and to everyone. Rudeness do good. And the world will change around you for the better.

10 tips that will make you another person

7. Learn to respond to life’s challenges with gratitude. After all, nothing will be the best teacher.

8. Clear your life of debris. People don’t notice how many superfluous and unnecessary surrounds them. Try every day to throw at least 1 unnecessary thing. And life will become cleaner and brighter!

10 tips that will make you another person

9. The next 30 days do not lie to anyone. Even on the little things. Life will be easier.

10. Try during the month abandon three bad habits. Only 3.

You won’t even notice how in just 30 days your life will gain new momentum.