20 things that you have an older

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A wardrobe staple that you “have feelings”, started the game in your favor! Ranging from luxury (velvet and satin) skirts and ending…Read it for yourself.

Let’s start this list!

1. Bag in tone shoes and jewelry in the set of today are out of date and automatically throws in a couple of years.

2. Avoid olive, marsh, and other earthy tones that reflect on the face and give him an unhealthy pallor.

3. The commitment of many women to the use of luxurious fabrics such as velvet, satin, lace and lurex, especially in the daytime, working against them.

4. Not to look older than their age, use any bright and pinkish-peach colors – they are great to freshen the complexion.

5. As for the black, the view that this color makes you look older, controversial. There is nothing more alluring, more elegant, more luxurious than the woman in black. In a pinch, you can always refresh the complexion with the help of a scarf or blouse.

20 things that you have an older

6. Form. Avoid different the hoodies and other clothes that blur the contours of the body. These styles are only models 90-60-90.

7. Beware of bright neon colors popular in the 80s, preferring expressive juicy shades.

8. Choose the right length. Most women is the skirt length just below the knee, which makes any leg slender and graceful figure. Also extra long slim straight pants covering the heels, sweaters with V-neckline, the top and bottom the same color.

9. We all know that dark colors make us older and, on the contrary, bright – young.

10. The same applies to diamonds and, worse, their more affordable counterparts: jewelry made from crystals, glass and beads. The desire to look elegant can make you funny, but not attractive. Simplicity in this case is your best friend.

20 things that you have an older

11. Clothes, out of fashion. There’s nothing worse when the woman drags the image of his youth – heavy makeup of the 80’s, voluminous shoulders from the 90s, etc. don’t have to follow the latest trends, it is sufficient to grasp the General trends – the skirt length, silhouette, color scheme to keep up with fashion and look modern.

12. If possible, avoid these kits clothing: skirt + jacket / pants + jacket, especially if the top and NIR have the same pattern. To work so walking is quite acceptable, but for a walk or in a cafe – not worth it.

13. Try at all costs to emphasize the waist, be it a dress with a thin belt or a wide belt, and worn over a suit or even coat.

14. Intense makeup and sophisticated styling, unnatural hair color, young comrades.

15. The mistaken assumption that the brighter paint and a more polished hairstyle, so you neotrazimoi. Healthy shiny hair and delicate makeup, flattering your face that will adorn any woman, especially living over a certain threshold.

20 things that you have an older
16. Wear not matching age and status. Informal clothing, ruffles and flounces, style 20 or 30 years are not for everyone, and make others perceive you as inadequate.

17. Try to match their appearance the social group to which you belong or would like to include. The teacher of this prestigious University should choose a low-key intellectual chic, and the actress or movie – Bohemian.

18. Choose open passionate shoes on high heels. Good shoes, any woman will do irresistible and desirable. In contrast, gross closed shoes will only add to the charm of the teenager.

19. Of all styles, bet on the classics with a touch of chic. Avoid any extremes of the Flirty-romantic to shocking avant-garde style. A natural and harmonious appearance to the face of the majority of the fair making love. Try to find your style, accentuate your advantages and hide the shortcomings – nothing adorns a woman as her personality.

20. And the last: old no clothes, and the thoughts and lack of attention. On well-groomed women who love themselves and their appearance, any clothing good. Look at Sharon stone, Demi Moore, Madonna, the way they look in 50 years that any clothing only decorate.