20 effective tips in a difficult moment

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1. I’d like to teach you is: No “Oh, how bad!” — think: “Wow, how interesting!” But this attitude to life comes only with experience.

2. In the end, if you do not afford sometimes to be a jerk, life will lose a good half of pleasure.

3. I have a rule: if the events no longer like, need to leave immediately.

4. Good omens should reinvent yourself. Whom he has met, and good luck. So, for the record. And remember. And the day will live accordingly.

5. You should immediately exercise their foolish desire to not to be stuck with his performance for the rest of my life.

6. If you really long to pretend not afraid of anything, courage can be a useful habit, a sort of manners to sleep with the window open or take a contrast shower.

20 effective tips in a difficult moment

7. The main thing — to talk less. And then the source itself will come up with a way to rationally explain yourself. At least, I still have not met anyone who can’t handle. People are very talented. Very.

8. You should not ask questions the answer to which has long been known — if not your helpless mind, it is your wise heart.

9. Pretend like you have everything in order. You will be surprised to see that it is an effective method. After you manage to deceive yourself, you do everything in the world is the limit.

10. Can’t open mysteries it is impossible to tell about the most important thing aloud. Especially adults (i.e., stranger). Otherwise, everything is no secret, dead, resorbed.

11. Love should be a journey, not a destination coming, whatever it was.

12. Today is a good reason to get out of the banks, to each of their own. Because every man is an ocean, and stupid all my life to sincerely consider himself a puddle, even the deepest and drunken in the neighborhood.

20 effective tips in a difficult moment

13. Himself must love and praise. Not to entrust such an important matter to strangers!

14. After a night of thinking just need to make a couple of stupid things- just to not to imagine himself as a great thinker.

15. In order to understand the true meaning of the event, which is considered a misfortune, should move away from it by some distance. And if not altogether to stop suffering, at least not to consider the suffering of the main business of his life.

16. You need to go where you want, and not where the alleged “need”. Go, go, and nothing to fear.

17. To get a chance at immortality, we must abandon hope for him… at all from any hopes. Despair — a surprising key to power, not even a key, a lock pick that can open almost any lock… And usually this is the only key available to man!

18. Some chance is better to miss. In order not to lose all the rest.

20 effective tips in a difficult moment

19. One of two things: either you can’t change it — then worry is useless, or can — in this case you should do things, not spend your strength on worry and anger.

20. While the person is alive, nothing is missing. From any situation always there is an exit, not one, but several — and who are you to be the first human being in the Universe, trapped in a truly desperate situation?!