2 of the most amazing horses in the world

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Likestory.net publishes for you videos with the two most amazing horses in the world. And lastly, a fun addition. Have a good mood!

It was valued at $200 000 000. Frankel is the most expensive horse in history!

The most expensive racehorse in the world is now worth 200 million. Four year old stallion Frankel in one day has risen by almost half after he won his 14th jump. 14 victory and a single defeat during the participation of the horse in the most prestigious competitions!

On Saturday, Frankel was once again at the height at the races in Ascot, the world famous Racecourse near London. He won 2 million in prize money. Jockey Tom Quelly said that this success is entirely the merit of the horse.

“I even allowed myself to doubt him! Before the race I walked the track and it seemed to me that he’s too soft for Frankel. But this amazing horse showed me what he can do. Today he flew to victory,” said the jockey to reporters.

Frankel trainer sir Henry Cecil said: “I am very attached to this horse. And it’s not the victories. This amazing animal. He helped to heal me from cancer. Frankel is the best, and I don’t think nature will ever create a more perfect horse.

Owner Frankel Saudi Prince Khalil Abdullah decided that the horse will no longer participate in the races. He now intends to use the stallion as a maker.

This horse dances as well as dancers. Divine performance, from which goosebumps..

We are accustomed to the fact that advertising is something pointless and annoying, but this clip you will want to watch again and again. A huge Playground, man and horse are already an impressive sight, however, creative advertisers have not stopped.

They decided to show the real dance battle beautiful ladies and handsome horse. Who won this fight you decide!

To make this horse named Lady in Black dancing no worse than ballerinas and other professional dancers, had to use the animation and the possibilities of different graphics programs, including 3D.Also not without the careful work of the handler and the animal. At the end of the movement of the foot imposed on the image of a real horse. The result turned out here such bright and beautiful clip.

And lastly, a video that is 100% will get you in the mood!

When hands grow from one place…Great movie, which the Oscar give not too bad!

Advertising surrounds us everywhere, and that this word has acquired in the minds of ordinary people a negative connotation. But with the right approach these videos if we are and does not force the viewer to buy the product or service, then certainly entertain. Exactly the kind of video you can watch below. It horses made fun of inept men who can’t Park, and this masterpiece is not even ashamed to give an Oscar!