18 things what you must to do in 20 years, then to go through life up

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The years from 20 to 30 is the time to understand what we want to be — both personally and professionally. They need to spend with advantage to become successful and contented life of man.

Write down your goals

Imagine your ideal life in 5, 10 and 20 years. To keep the dream remained only a dream, write everything down: goals, ways to achieve them. So you will understand exactly what you want, and will forget nothing, because you can always “peek”.

Don’t go on about his ego

Don’t let pride or vanity to blind you. In the world hundreds of possibilities, and these qualities hinder to see them. Ask yourself: “What if it’s actually wrong? What if I’m wrong?”

18 things what you must to do in 20 years, then to go through life up

Read as much as possible

You graduate from University, get a diploma, but still know not so much. Read books about everything that is interesting for you. So for several years you will learn what is not taught in schools and universities.

Don’t try to live someone else’s life

To measure your achievements a false measure easily, but you never feel that you achieved something. Live your mind and not do something just because supposedly “needs”. Your life belongs to you and no one else.

Don’t regret about the past

There are two types of people: some look back, others look forward. First they say: “I could come there to study” or “Oh, if I married her, would be a fairy tale.” These people constantly look for reasons to regret and missed chances. And the second I say to myself: “I will get this job”, “I’ll take care of my family”, “I can do it all and do it.” Life for them is an opportunity to grow and learn, every failure is a lesson, not a regret.

18 things what you must to do in 20 years, then to go through life up

Often tell your family how you love them

Let this become a habit. Make them nice things, speak kind words — so you will have more opportunities to share with loved ones life. Show your feelings, don’t hesitate to come back handsomely.

Take care of your health

Many people over 40 spend all the money on drugs. Move more — the sooner get used to it, the easier it will be to continue in adulthood. But choose these types of physical activity that you really love, or soon quit.

Put money aside for old age

Spend less than you earn. Open a retirement account in a safe Bank and replenish it regularly — the sooner you start, the more interest accumulates. So you will get the opportunity to retire when you want and not put in 55-60 years.

18 things what you must to do in 20 years, then to go through life up

Ask questions

Much in life depends on the exchange of thoughts and ideas. Ask questions — get answers from different people, and the answers will come opportunities. Scientists believe that such pursuit of knowledge strengthens the personal relationship because you listen to the partner and contributes to career growth, because you do not hide the desire to learn and grow.

Use dental floss to in the future, clocks not to sit in the dental chair — it is unpleasant and expensive

Dentists advise you to floss and floss at least once a day to remove plaque from between teeth, where can’t reach with a toothbrush.

Stay up to date on the latest medical achievements to protect yourself from unscrupulous doctors and “miracle” drugs

It is best to read scientific papers in reputable journals.

18 things what you must to do in 20 years, then to go through life up

Learn how to cook

Now you may live alone, but someday you will be loved one and / or children. Then the ability to cook. Even homemade food is usually healthier than restaurant, and save money.

Participate in important projects

Join a group of people who develop the culture and innovate. In 20 years you have the energy and health to contribute to the total useful work. This is the best time to change the world.

Interested in what is happening in the world

If you follow the news, you will have more chances to find their life work, or to understand where you will be in demand. Bonus: will be able to support any conversation.

18 things what you must to do in 20 years, then to go through life up


So you learn a lot and understand how the world is simultaneously huge and small. Marvel at the sights, but don’t forget to discover little cafes, shops and parks are not in the guidebooks.

Spend at least half an hour a day alone

Make sure no one is hurt phone on silent mode in the other room, the computer is turned off. No texting or social networking — only you. Learn to listen to themselves and analyze their behavior and experience. If you want, write thoughts in a journal, listen to music or read, but with myself.

Evaluate failures

Make mistakes, but learn from their mistakes. More failures — more new experiences.

18 things what you must to do in 20 years, then to go through life up

Every week look back

Ask yourself on Sunday: “What events happened this week? What went wrong? What needs to change to make next week better?”