18 quotes Julia Roberts

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Recently, the Oscar-winning darling of Hollywood turned 49 years old. Remember the best of her statements about beauty, love, family, children and movies.

“I try to say very little, because eventually I get bored very quickly from myself”.

“It is believed that fame is a kind of leprosy. You suddenly realize that you don’t face all the people walking in the usual places and generally do what you’re used to. But if you spit on it, and will continue to do what used to, then gradually you will understand that it is not necessary to sacrifice your freedom.”

“I’m too high to be considered a girl, I don’t have enough outfits to be a lady, and I would never call myself a woman. I’m something between a woman and a girl”.

“Unlike most stars, I never wear such dress through which at desire it is possible to read the newspaper. I dress like a man”.

“I’ll never do a Nude. To appear before the spectators in a dress is artistic representation, naked is a documentary movie. Besides, I don’t want my algebra teacher knew how my butt looks”.

“I have an interesting job: I dressed up like a doll, and then funny men painted my lips and tell me good things”.

18 quotes Julia Roberts

“True love does not come from nowhere. It must be within you.”

“I believe that the older a woman gets, the more reflected in the face of her inner world, and it all happens very individually”.

“I think that very often you help to form not a great teacher, but rather, the lack thereof. Just as those moments when you ignore much more important than those when you celebrate.”

“The older you get, the more clearly feel how fragile life is. This is a great incentive each morning to enjoy a new day”.

“I married a wise man, therefore, I become wiser and wiser.”

“In fact, the secret of beauty is simple: happiness and inner peace support women’s beauty. Love the man you chose for yourself. It’s all so simple that we forget. Loving and beloved woman is always beautiful, there is no need for any gimmicks and tricks.”

18 quotes Julia Roberts

“If every person would stop for a minute and remember all that he has a good life, then all people will become happy.”

“I can’t believe I have three children. But I’m happy that before I made them, I had twenty years of film career. However, who says that it ended with the birth of children?”.

“In childhood we all were able to talk with animals.”

“Unfortunately, children tend to blame themselves for the mistakes of their parents.”

“I love romantic comedies, I like to watch and play them, in such films subtly noticed that is usually not so important.”

“Before the filming of “Beauty” I’ve talked with prostitutes and I can tell you that their dreams and hopes about the future much cleaner and more beautiful than most people I know at work.”

18 quotes Julia Roberts