18 mistakes, why you complicate your life

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1. You are looking for other answers, which can give only yourself

A fair part of our lives — especially in the beginning — we are told what to do, how to think, what to us looks good, what “success” and so forth. Enough to listen to other people’s votes. Remove the noodles from the ears. Start to think for themselves. Listen to the inner voice. Break out of the shell. And when you stop to think of other people’s patterns and do what you want from others – only then will you find what you were looking for.

18 mistakes, why you complicate your life

2. You allow others to make you feel guilty that you live as you want

Unless you hurt others, you have every right to live the way you want, and only you. Sometimes we lose ourselves trying to live for someone else, to live up to his expectations and out of his skin to get out, if only to impress him. Stop and think why you do it.

3. You let the bastards poison your life

Ridding your life of these people, you should not feel the slightest guilt. No matter relative it is, your love interest, colleague, childhood friend or new acquaintance. You don’t have to keep with him a number of people, causing you pain or humiliate you in some way. Of course, if a person realizes that his behavior you don’t like and trying to change, this can bear. But if he spits on your senses, climbs over the set boundaries and continues to treat you as a doormat for wiping feet, send him far away.

4. You are part of another circle of experiences

How would your life change if you just do not interfere in other people’s “drama” experience and stay away from dubious rumors and outright slander? Try today to talk about people good or truth, and encourage people around to do the same. But those who would agree to this, not only possible, but should be ignored. You see – it’s simple. Moving away from negativity and those who create it, you can make your life much easier.

5. You are constantly looking for other people’s actions maliciously

You “clipped” on the road. The friend never called back. Your colleague left for lunch without waiting for you. If you are looking for a reason to feel humiliated and insulted, you are sure to find him, fortunately life provides them in abundance. But what really makes you feel offended? Yes, just the kind of malice that you are credited for the most part innocent of other people’s actions. You perceive them as a personal insult – a slap in the face, if you will. Don’t do it.

6. You are too worried about what someone will take away what you have

Try to understand and accept one simple truth, especially if you are in some way the artist, writer, artist, or inventor: often, sharing information with others, you can get a lot more than sit on her like a dog in the manger. Don’t be afraid of borrowing your creations – fear of the moment when this will stop. Be honest, never deny assistance to those who really need it, and most importantly – try to be in the business a true master. And believe me – none of the advertising campaign, the blooming of rumors in social networks or clever competitor will not be able to resist. If people want what you have (regardless of circumstances), then it is worth something.

18 mistakes, why you complicate your life

7. Are you trying to outdo everyone around

Trying to get around, to beat and outdo everyone around you, you can earn except the plague and a nasty temper. Although the same is waiting for you, even if you will be competing with themselves.

8. You take a lot more than they give

One of the best ways to cope with stress and loss is to do something good for others. To become a volunteer. Just to help out. Not necessarily even to do something big and to participate in any organization. Tell someone a kind word. Giving happy. Taking too busy looking for the benefits to achieve happiness.

9. For you popularity is more important than efficiency

Not achieve attention and respect. It is much more long lasting, and benefit from it a lot more. And has never and will never confuse popularity with effectiveness. Popularity means that someone you will love. Some time. Efficiency means that you really have achieved something.

10. You are constantly trying to save money and choose the easiest option, even where it is not necessary

Do what is right, not what is easiest. Do this even if you would never know not a soul. Why? Because you will know and remember.

11. You live anywhere but the present

You can’t change the past, but can spoil the present worrying about the future too. Live in the present. And tomorrow will come in time, just as came yesterday.

12. You eat yourself up inside for mistakes

It is very important to learn to forgive yourself for mistakes. We need to learn from them everything I can, and move forward. Make him a simple contract – what happened in the past stays. Sometimes the best result of hard work is not what you got, and what you could learn. A happy and successful life lived is not the one who does not commits mistakes, but one who is able to be above them.

18 mistakes, why you complicate your life

13. You thoroughly follow the principle “all or nothing”

Is neither a perfect success nor a complete failure. And because the labeling on the principle of “all or nothing”, “success or failure” simply useless. And even harmful. Our life is a constant stream of imperfect moments, full to the brim of chances and opportunities. So I appreciate the “grey area” between the extremes – because sometimes the journey is far more important purpose. Appreciate the journey and the experience that he gives you. Do not let bugs hurt your soul, and success – make your head spin.

14. You expect from life only nice

The world is a very difficult place to live. You can expect a lot – and the suffering and painful tears, and heavy losses. All this may take you a fair share of happiness, but still don’t lose hope. Remember about the principle of Yin and Yang in Chinese philosophy – the unity of opposites. In suffering you can find the strength, a broken heart will be much more stable, and rethinking the losses, you will tend to appreciate life.

15. You always expect the worst

Sometimes your mind throws you ideas, the embodiment of which in reality is not that unlikely, but impossible. Your parched throat threatens your life. You didn’t just lose your passport – you were kidnapped by the villain, trying to steal your identity. What you is all this negativity? He is able only to take you away from the shore of reality in a delusional sea, out of which Oh how difficult. You have the choice to see the world through the prism of doubt and despair or happiness and joy. In any case, sooner or later you will reach your destination.

16. You allow the losses to absorb you without the rest

Sometimes over their own happiness you need to work hard. A positive attitude is good, but, alas, he could not clear all the obstacles in your way. Want to forgive someone? To break bad personal relationships? Trying to come to terms with the death of a loved one? Life is full of losses. But, in some sense, without them we will never find true happiness. They help us even more happy with what we have and help to grow over them.

17. You are avoiding the bitter truth

Because you will close her eyes and turn away to the side, really not going anywhere. You will never find peace by avoiding bitter, unpleasant, but still the truth. In order to fix something, you first have to accept it. View in the face of all your fears and weaknesses – consider them as carefully as possible! Because only through them you can leave them behind. Understand, can look into the eyes of truth and not easy, but ultimately it will pay off handsomely.

18 mistakes, why you complicate your life

18. You continually postpone making decisions

It is often better to make a bad decision than not to take any. Indecision only postpones the problem into the future, and a bad decision in the end teaches us to make good.