17 rules of a happy relationship

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1. Admit their mistakes. And keep silent if I was right.

2. Wait a year before moving in together. People change as quickly as the seasons.

3. You’re not in the movie. Don’t expect that you’ll be treated like a celebrity.

4. Run like hell to your dream. And then see who ran beside you.

5. Marry the man you want to be like your children.

17 rules of a happy relationship

6. It is not necessary to swear because of the money. After fighting the amount in your account will not be more precipitate will remain.

7. Disadvantages are at all. Need to find someone whose “cockroaches”, you’ll be able to put up with.

8. The grass is not greener at the neighbor. It is greener where it is watered.

9. Always kiss after an argument. The guy should know that his love always.

10. Your children will one day grow up and leave, and the husband will stay with you. Take care of your relationship.

17 rules of a happy relationship

11. Whatever dispute you have no broke out at night, always sleep in the same bed.

12. How do you imagine love, does not always coincide with what it sees your boyfriend.

13. How to understand that it’s over? When you’re in love with the memories, not the person sitting across from you.

14. Love yourself, and then it will be easier to fall in love with you.

15. Never make important decisions before going to sleep.

17 rules of a happy relationship

16. Don’t be afraid of long-distance relationships. Favorite person is worth to be waited.

17. Love is a verb.