16 etiquette rules that we break every day!

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To respect each other and once again be respected! That is what we are learning life. To be educated means not to cause inconvenience to other people, no one is hurt by their comments and look decent in any situation.

Likestory.net will tell about modern etiquette violations that are little known.

Gross violations of the rules of etiquette in society

1. You are wrong to applaud

To clap you need at chest level. Never applaud in front of his face and especially the face of another person.

16 etiquette rules that we break every day!

2. You sit in the car not graceful

First sit down on the seat, and then gracefully put the legs into the cabin. It looks more aesthetically pleasing from the outside and will help you avoid painful and ridiculous hitting his head on the doorway of the car. If the shoes in the snow, will certainly shake off of her before perching in the salon.

16 etiquette rules that we break every day!

3. You’re embarrassing strangers

Not worth it to scrutinize other people is bad. Especially is not necessary to discuss the appearance of the strangers with a friend, even if the dress is really flashy.

4. You smear butter or jam from a common dish

The sequence of actions is as follows: first place a little butter or jam on his plate. Then DAB the sandwich. That’s all. Why is it considered more acceptable and correct? Because the crumbs don’t fall into the common plate.

16 etiquette rules that we break every day!
5. You don’t care about those who sit next to at the table

Polite people do not want the extra time to pull someone during a party, and are very shy. Take the initiative and pass the salt shaker or the pepper first! Similarly, first say other dishes, politely asking whether to have a roommate.

16 etiquette rules that we break every day!
6. You do not follow the posture

Surely you don’t think about it, but to look at the person hunched over the plate at the table, always unpleasant. Keep your back straight in any situation and accustom yourself to follow this! Posture, it turns out, tells people a lot…

7. You drink while it is written in your honor toast

It is not necessary to have a glass after the words spoken in your honor! Instead, make a gesture of gratitude towards the one who spoke the toast, thus showing respect and appreciation. Few people know about this!

16 etiquette rules that we break every day!
8. You mess with napkins

After eating one should not wipe his lips with a napkin: just need to wet her mouth. Already used tissue paper slightly crease, but in any case not to crumple! The rules of etiquette at the table decorate the table, making it relaxed and help to avoid embarrassment.

9. You give back the empty plates

If you gave and gave the dish on the plate, it is considered impolite not to return it empty. Put cookies, a handful of candy, nuts — all in gratitude for the meal.

16 etiquette rules that we break every day!
10. You start eating before the host table

Rules of good etiquette suggests that you need to respect the head of the family and home. Wait until the host starts eating first. That’s the whole wisdom!

11. You cough in the right hand

If you’re sick or choking, you may want to cough. You cannot use your right hand to cover your mouth, it should be done exclusively with the left hand.

12. You can’t hold eye contact during a toast

When you touch my glass of glass of someone, you must meet his gaze, expressing your openness and sincerity! To look away to the side — a bad tone.

16 etiquette rules that we break every day!
13. You’re pointing the finger at you are interested in the subject

Point the finger — the last thing. Much better to gesture with an open hand to the side, to where you want to draw the attention of the interlocutor.

14. You’re not courteous

If you are walking with someone down the street and your companion greets a passing man, definitely say Hello. In this case, to remain silent means to be rude and repulsive type.

16 etiquette rules that we break every day!
15. You’re wearing the bag on right shoulder

According to the rules of etiquette the bag to be worn on the left shoulder, not on the right. The fact is that the right hand is “social”, which is why it is impossible to cover up when you cough. Even if you’re a woman and don’t do handshakes, the right hand is considered contact.

16 etiquette rules that we break every day!
16. You leave the smartphone on the table in a public place

Of course, it is disrespectful! Especially frustrating is the fact that who you are at a table in a cafe or at the dining table. This shows how significant the gadget for you and how little you’re interested in what is happening around.

16 etiquette rules that we break every day!
Some rules of etiquette are open even for people in old age! Would be eternally happy if this information is useful to you.