15 ways to improve relations in 60 seconds

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A good relationship is the main source of joy in life. Likestory.net have prepared for you 15 secrets which will help to strengthen the relationship with the partner, friends, children, colleagues and yourself.

From time to time even the most solid and harmonious relationship fail. We can avoid that if we paid to relationships with loved ones just 60 seconds a day.


15 ways to improve relations in 60 seconds

1. Embrace your partner and hold him in her arms for 60 seconds. Touch to your loved one, it helps produce hormones of oxytocin and dopamine, which are responsible for attachment and pleasure. A feeling of warmth and joy be with you throughout the day as if you are wrapped in warm and soft duvet.

2. Send a message about what you like about him, or about how good you were together. Remind the partner about the brightest moments of your life together, and you charge it and yourself with positive energy.

3. Remember, a drink, a snack or dessert love your partner. Go to the store to buy it. Such small signs of attention are important for a relationship. People love when care for them and remember about their tastes and preferences.


15 ways to improve relations in 60 seconds

4. To revive the friendly relations, send it to a friend a simple short message. You can write: “Today I heard on the radio your favorite song and realized how I want to see you. Miss you, hope to see you soon”.

5. Send a friend flowers for no reason. Attach to the bouquet card, which will be written about how much she means to you.

6. Leave the best friend a Voicemail in which you sing or just talk about how you feel about it. She will listen to the recording and smile.


15 ways to improve relations in 60 seconds

7. Put in lunchbox for your son or daughter a note with a funny smiley face. It is important for children to feel your love and protection.

8. Get your child for Breakfast or dinner, edible picture. Even simple emoticons and hearts make you smile.

9. At dinner, praise the child, tell what his or her character traits you admire. Getting a compliment from a parent, the child will go to bed in a good mood. This is very important for strengthening family relationships. They are remembered for a long time.


15 ways to improve relations in 60 seconds

10. Buy refreshments for their team members. It can be something simple and cheap: biscuits, donuts or chocolate. The tea contribute to good relations in the team.

11. Send a colleague who has helped you, message with words of gratitude. In the subject write “Thank you”. The recipient will read such a letter.

12. I sincerely thank the chief. Bosses are seldom praised, and they are pleased to know that they are valued, respected or loved.


15 ways to improve relations in 60 seconds

13. Make a list of the seven things that make you happy. Try to perform daily one item from the list during the week.

14. Nicer to give than to receive. Pay for your Cup of coffee for a man who went into a cafe after you. This gesture will make a stranger smile, his smile will warm your heart and your day will surely be successful.

15. Write down five of their positive qualities on a piece of paper the size of a credit card. Put it in your wallet. Every time, when paying by card, re-read what is written on the sheet. This increases self esteem and improves mood.