15 simple ways to raise self-esteem

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Confidence is about what you experience when you find perfectly fitting jeans for you. The feeling is difficult to convey in words, much more clearly felt by its absence: we are afraid to take on something new, closely monitoring the reactions of others to each of our actions, painfully perceive any criticism. Low self-esteem not only hurts our feelings, but also harm school and work, because the person who does not believe in their own strength, hardly capable of original solutions and bold actions. There are many ways to increase self-esteem and self-confidence, the main thing is to start working on them.

psychologist: “Everyone should be able to analyze the situation and use rapid methods that are best suited to him. The main thing is to apply them comprehensively. For all its features, there are a lot of nuances. Someone fits one of the following, someone else. But try them all nobody forbids you”.

Use perfume

The smell can help to increase self-esteem: studies have shown that the more the flavor of love, the more confident he feels. According to another study, 90 percent of women feel more confident when they use perfume. We understand that the Council is unlikely to radically change your life, and still try, all of a sudden he gets help.

Straighten your back

The next time you sit in the posture of a question mark, straighten your back and expand the shoulders. Scientists believe that by taking this posture, you will regain your positive thinking.

Nod your head

In our culture such a gesture is positive, it expresses its consent and approval. Nodding the person experiences greater confidence in their words and actions. Nodding, you say to your brain: “We are with you all, man.”

Blast off to the music

Music lovers know exactly how to relieve stress and raise self-esteem. Especially if you listen to the songs, rich bass: music with a strong bass line evokes more emotion.

15 simple ways to raise self-esteem
Admit defeat

Michael Jordan said, “I fail day after day, and only because I am a champion”. Agree with him coach and author Marshall goldsmith, author of the American bestseller “Jump above your head!”. In his opinion, it is the ability to make mistakes and learn from them influences the formation of self-assessment.

Be friendly

Friends are not only people with whom you can sneak around and giggle. Communication with loved ones is the surest way to restore self-esteem. Start to love yourself as you love your native people.

A selfie

This is no joke. According to the study, Teens begin to feel more confident posting selfies on social networks. Think maybe it will work for you? Only think, please, ironic signature.

Be superstitious

If you have a lucky shirt or socks, charged on luck, don’t forget to wear them. According to scientists (and these guys are always very serious), the pandering to superstition really helps to achieve the best results. Well, the presence of artifacts helps to cope with anxiety and strengthen your confidence.

Good enough physically

Exercise is beneficial not only for body but also for self-confidence: regular exercise relieves stress and raise self-esteem. I wonder what is important is not so much the intensity as the fact that you’re exercising. Pay special attention to this, is a very important point.


Flirting affects all of us the most positive way. In any case, flirting with someone, you start to feel much better. This is especially works with women: the more she flirts, the more it shows your confidence.

15 simple ways to raise self-esteem
Visualize your goals

Fantasy can play a big role in building self-confidence: easier to achieve goals if it in great detail to imagine the scene of his triumph. If you believe that thought is material — believe me, it really will be.

Prepare in advance

You should not always rely solely on your talent. Experience shows that if we are talking about public activities, then the better you prepare for your speech, the more confident you will feel. In principle, this applies to everything — from presentations to conversations with your favorite people. Rehearse as much as possible.

Learn to play a musical instrument

In order to master the skills of playing any musical instrument, you need a lot of time and effort, but studies have shown that it accelerates the development of self-esteem. In addition, music lessons improve brain function.


Scientists have proven that obscene vocabulary really helps to increase self-esteem: saying swear words, we feel the internal energy, which strengthens self-confidence. Of course, aloud to say them not necessarily.


The most reliable way to instantly feel more confident — smile. Smiling, we display to others their good spirits, looking focused and confident. Our smile affects not only others: scientists believe — to reduce stress and regain a cheerful mood, just smile.

15 simple ways to raise self-esteem