15 questions to ask on a first date

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Try to figure out whether you like each other.

No matter whether you’re trying to fill an awkward pause in conversation or, indeed, want to draw out potential mates, as long as the date is not turned into a interrogation. Nice questions for easy “refueling” in our collection.

#1. Tell me about your family?

With whom of the family members you communicate best? Someone close to you? Men that are close with my mom, usually very respectful to other women. But we know that the jokes about mother-in-law are greatly exaggerated, but the horrors of mother-in-law — no.

#2. Are you a lark or an owl?

You don’t want every day to eat Breakfast and fall asleep alone.

#3. What do you like for dinner/Breakfast?

And suddenly it’s a date after all, will last until morning…

#4. Do you love more cats or dogs?

Stupidity? When one of you is home to six cats, and the other — they have terrible allergies, it can be a real challenge.

#5. Do you have a favorite?

American film Director John waters once said: “If you come to the man home, and he had no books — do not have sex with him”.

15 questions to ask on a first date

#6. You really love what you’re doing?

This question reveals the ambitions of a man and his thoughts about the future. If the answer is in the abstract, there is no certainty and no clarity — it could be the brake light for you.

#7. At whose concert did you last go?

A more creative variant of the hackneyed question: “what kind of music you like.” Or maybe ask him on what show he’d like to go… with you, of course.

#8. How your friends would describe you?

Even in a very open and sociable people are hard to talk about myself, but they can “safely” to describe their character and habits, taking the perspective of another person.

#9. How did you meet your parents?

Everyone likes to tell great stories. Besides, asking about the parents, you can learn a lot about the family of a potential partner.

#10. If you could choose any historical era, what time would you like to be?

I would like to think that this issue will make a man’s imagination and provide a spark for further conversation or who knows role-playing game.

15 questions to ask on a first date

#11. What movies/ series you interested in recently?

Tell me which season of “Game of Thrones” you look and I’ll tell you who you are.

#12. Where you grew up?

If on the first date you want to get to know the person, ask him about the place where he spent his childhood.

#13. Tell me about your best trip.

Question for inspiration. Even if your relationship ultimately doesn’t work out, maybe the source will open for you a new interesting place on the planet where you’d like to one day be.

#14. Who had the greatest influence on your life?

And just let him try to stammer about his ex!

#15. What is your goal in life right now?

Answer: “to Save the Amur tiger from extinction” and “Not to leave you until the morning” — a great application for success.