14 errors, which needlessly takes your energy

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The world is ruled by energy. People with lots of vitality, healthy, active, attractive, cheerful and happy. His energy enough to achieve his life goals and priorities within it grace, there is no concept of “laziness”, because laziness is always a state of sluggish depression, lack of energy.

1. The performance of others imposed goals, imposed roles

Life in accordance with stereotypes, social framework, without internal reconciliation with them – and I want to do this? If the person does not think about what is important for him in this life, what he wants, what he wants his soul. why should he, he is mindlessly implement imposed society program, and if his inner essence against it, his soul will start to ache and energy to leak. Up to a certain age, in youth one is given time to sort himself out, he’s the main source of life – physical energy. Gradually physical energy is waning, to the place it is spiritual, and from that moment “if the ladder leaning against the wrong wall”, one begins to yearn, to ache.

2. Repressed emotions, not experienced trauma, is not healed emotional wounds

The man who allows himself to feel, always more energetic than one that is buttoned-up.

3. Incomplete case
Any, even the smallest business started and brought to an end the flow of energy, any left midway remains within us “hanging”. 

4. Debts

Moral debts and property. If you are guilty in front of someone and could be redeemed at least partly – do it. If this guilt that cannot be atoned for by doing something good in the name of that guilt.

5. Empty talk, chatter, gossip.

6. Vanity, haste.

7. The constant switching of attention

If you have the energy a bit, it is better to do something and finish it to the end. For inclusion in the new business setting is required, and energy.

8. Attempts to someone to prove something

“I’m good, accept me, approve of me,” it takes a huge amount of effort, and almost nothing.

9. Internal conflicts

When one part of the personality says: do so, and the other is you can’t do that, exhausting inner dialogue with yourself.

10. Body stiffness and tension.

11. The neglect of the body

Poorly organized diet, sleep, life. The use of alcohol, cigarettes, large quantities of coffee, sweet fatty food.

12. Endless internal dialogue with other people

Sometimes the man did not answer, for example, the head. And then many days trying to figure out how he could answer, then he. And all of this consumes energy.

13. The lack of internal hierarchy of values

What is for you on the first, second, third, place – family, work, meaning, you, money.

14. Pride, arrogance, especially towards their family, close.

This list can continue, but we think even these items enough to wonder where it goes away your energy.