12 win-win ways to meet a cool guy

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It so happens that the coolest and the hottest guy in your life appears very suddenly, for example, when you go out for groceries in a supermarket, say, or standing in line for movie tickets. How to start a conversation with him?

How to attract his attention? You don’t have to worry about that – now you have our proven win-win ways.

Ask his name

It sounds obvious, but it works every time: if he is interested in communication, you’ll see that it’s mutual.

Comment on his clothes

Imagine, he spent six seconds of my life to choose this shirt in the morning. Praise his impeccable taste, but also show that he appreciated his pumped biceps under her.

Find out the time

And then casually drop that yours still a free hour, which, by the way, they can enjoy a Cup of coffee and a nice conversation.

Tell him the drink

Met this sexy handsome man in the queue at the bar? Lean in and whisper to him that soda
is served here is simply superb.

Or send it to him

The classic that never loses its relevance: ask the waiter to pass on a cocktail any guy and say it’s from you. When you see his surprised look, just raise your glass and smile.

Ask what the score is

If the meeting happened to sports bar to explore is simple: go to the ladies room and returned to her seat and walking past their table, ask if you missed the changes in the bill.

Smile your most seductive smile

First, a smile came to nothing obliges, and secondly, you don’t even have to speak with him first is the perfect option for shy girls.

Share your delight about his dog

The fastest way to a man’s heart is through his pet give it some attention, ask for Pat or just admire the fact how cute he is. The guy will melt, we promise.

“Do you know who sings this?”

Catch him this simple question in the club or cafe – not the fact that he will tell you the name of the performer of the miracle hit, but will notice and may offer to discuss music preferences in a personal conversation.

Advise book

Sitting next to a cute guy in the subway, look at a book that he enjoys reading. Tell him to read the book of your favorite author and mind you that he’ll love.

Crash it into him

Oops, that does not happen in rush hour?! Of course, this move seems too obvious, but suddenly you really do not notice it and also hurt so much hurt…. As compensation for causing them “damage”, offer to drink a milkshake in a cute cafe nearby.

Ask for help

If I can’t reach his favorite cereal in the supermarket, ask a cute stranger to help you with that.