12 secrets to a comfortable flight on a plane

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If you frequently travel by plane or you’ve ever to endure long flights, you probably know how exhausting it can be. So Likestory.net gathered for you some useful tips that will help you to spend the flight in comfort and land feeling fresh and relaxed.

1. The best seat by the window

12 secrets to a comfortable flight on a plane

Choosing a seat near the window, you kill several birds with one stone: first, it is possible to lean against the wall to NAP, and second, the neighbors will not bother you to come out. And of course, you will be provided with a wonderful view.

2. Choose comfortable clothes

12 secrets to a comfortable flight on a plane

The days when to travel by plane chose the most exquisite dresses, long gone, give preference to comfortable and convenient clothes which will not restrict movements.

During lengthy flights the interior temperature can vary, so it is best to dress in “layers”, such as t-shirt, sweater, sweatshirt. Don’t forget to bring warm socks so you can take your shoes off and stay warm.

3. Bring water, eliminate caffeine and alcohol

12 secrets to a comfortable flight on a plane

To avoid dehydration, remember to drink plenty of water during the flight. Cups that offer flight attendants, not too big, and once again not to wait, better to stock up on a few bottles of water (don’t forget to buy it only after inspection of Luggage).

It is better to refuse drinks containing caffeine: it prevents sleep, increases dehydration. Alcohol may be a little tense, but can also lead to dehydration and dullness.

4. Take care of the skin

12 secrets to a comfortable flight on a plane

On Board the aircraft a very low level of moisture, so our skin suffers first. Not to feel any discomfort, follow these tips:

1. Direct the airflow of the air conditioner where good, except the face.

2. If the skin starts to Shine, wipe the face with cleansing wipes and moisturizing cream.

3. Do not spray water on the face will dry the skin even more. Or DAB it with a tissue after spraying.

5. Make yourself comfortable in a chair

12 secrets to a comfortable flight on a plane

From sitting too long numb legs and a very tired back, and the seats are not very comfortable. Put under the lower back pillow, a folded scarf or sweater, and don’t forget to cover with a blanket. Bring a pillow and a blanket it is better to ask as soon as you settle on Board (sometimes they run out quickly).

Also don’t forget: the higher legs to the floor, the better, so try to put them directly on your own Luggage under the front seat.

6. Get everything you need for a comfortable sleep

12 secrets to a comfortable flight on a plane

Instead of the massive gadgets like a large laptop and several thick books better take the cabin bag with useful things in flight. With them even in economy class you will be able to sleep and relax:

1. Earplugs or noise-canceling headphones.

2. A sleep mask.

3. Pillow for neck support.

7. How to prevent laying the ears of

12 secrets to a comfortable flight on a plane

Due to changes in pressure, especially during takeoff and landing in the ears can cause unpleasant nasal congestion. To get rid of her, try to yawn widely, make a few swallowing movements dissolve lozenges.

8. Try to move

12 secrets to a comfortable flight on a plane

Spend a few hours in one position is not easy: the body becomes numb, and the blood pools in the lower extremities and does not reach the top of the trunk. Try at least once an hour to get out of the chair and do a little workout right in the seat: some airlines print special instructions with exercises for their passengers.

9. Grab a healthy snack

12 secrets to a comfortable flight on a plane

The low level pressure and humidity on Board leads to a decrease in the sensitivity of taste buds. It is for this reason airlines add to their meals a large amount of spices, salt and sugar, and it is not always good. Think of a snack that is convenient to take with you on the plane: fruit, nuts, yogurt.

10. Plan your trip

12 secrets to a comfortable flight on a plane

A long flight it is helpful to split into small intervals, and it doesn’t look so threatening. You can watch movies or transfer, which does not have enough time to deal with long pending cases — to write the letters, make the entry in the diary, start an interesting book.

Plus don’t forget about time for sleep, lunch, take-off and landing, and here’s your flight coming to an end, and you vigorous, fresh and full of energy and inspiration.

11. Bring on the plane your headphones

12 secrets to a comfortable flight on a plane

Accessories issued to the Board as a rule, are not new, although they are carefully Packed. Preowned accessories after the flight cleared, and then re-Packed. Hence, their use is not quite safe from the point of view of personal hygiene, so you better bring your own.

12. Get rid of old marks on the suitcase and don’t waste time hanging locks

12 secrets to a comfortable flight on a plane

Here are some tips from the staff of the airports. First, the locks on the bags are easily opened for baggage inspection. So not worth to spend time hanging locks, and it is better to take valuables with you to the salon.

Secondly, it is recommended to get rid of irrelevant marks and labels on a suitcase that confuse operators of the conveyor belt in your baggage may fly in the wrong direction.