12 fun facts that will make you smile

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Likestory.net gathered for You a selection of interesting and fun facts. Of course, all this you know not necessarily, although such information will not hurt, and the conversation may make others to smile.

1. Do all people lie?

Yes. The researchers lie, the so-called mentology, found that each of us has about 20 times a day is not quite sincere. In this respect, men have advantage over women: they lie approximately on 20% more often. While people who do not have higher education, lie at every fifth conversation, holders of a University degree are doing it in every third conversation.

12 fun facts that will make you smile

2. Why Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day?

This superstition has biblical roots. On Friday, the serpent tempted eve and made her eat the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Friday was on the cross the crucified Jesus Christ. The last time the last supper was attended by 13 people, and it is the 13th, Judas, betrayed the Savior.

3. Went from a classic men’s suit?

About 1860 there was a fashion stitching men’s frock coat,vest and trousers of the same material. This “suit for walking” at first it was only while riding,so the blazers back to make the cut — the slot. He survived, although it lost its importance.

12 fun facts that will make you smile

4. Is there legalized a landing pad for UFOs?

It is possible that this platform will soon be the former military airfield in Matane near Interlaken in Switzerland.There is a well-known researcher and author of religious books about UFOs Erich von Daniken (“memories of the future”, etc.) is building the so-called. “Park secrets and mysteries”. Since 2002, there are built copies of the Egyptian pyramids of Giza, Mayan monuments and figures of the Peruvian Nazca valley. The building should not attract so many aliens, how many tourists.

5. How on Earth women with faux Breasts?

According to some reports, more than 3 million women implanted with silicone implants to increase breast volume. In Germany alone there are about 300,000.

12 fun facts that will make you smile

6. Where did the Dead sea its name?

Because of the very high salinity in this sea, it contains up to 31 % salt (volume), ten times more than in the seas and oceans. In this water I can live neither plants nor animals. Scientists have discovered only one type of bacteria that can live in such waters.

7. When the first people started doing crossword puzzles?

According to some, the first crossword puzzle was printed in USA in the journal “SV. Nicholas” in 1875.

12 fun facts that will make you smile

8. How did the first condom?

Most likely, it was invented by a loving personal physician of the English king Charles II to guard the monarch from syphilis. The first condom was a closed tube of stretched and oiled sheep skin.

9. Is it true that in some countries it is customary to show each other the tongue?

Yes, this custom exists among Maori, the indigenous people of New Zealand. A greeting at the meeting.

12 fun facts that will make you smile

10. How on Earth different languages?

Currently, there are approximately 2000 different languages.This is much less than in the beginning of our era. It is believed that two thousand years ago, when people and tribes were more isolated from each other, there were 10000 languages.

11. Where in new York there is the statue of Liberty?

From France. Statue created by French sculptor Bartholdi (1834-1904), was a gift from France to the United States and brought in New York on the ship in 214 crates. October 28, 1886, it was installed on Liberty island in New York Harbor.

12 fun facts that will make you smile

12. What happens to the coins that tourists cast into the Trevi fountain of Rome?

Coins, which according to ancient legend, tourists throw into the Trevi fountain in Rome hoping to be back in the Eternal city, once a week, extracted by machine, more reminiscent of a huge vacuum cleaner. For the year, up to half a million dollars, so that the cleaning of the fountain well pay off.