12 beauty life hacks for busy woman

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Want to save precious minutes and look fresh and well-groomed? Then take note of these simple and effective tips from Likestory.net!

Liquid for rinsing the mouth from injuries

If your child has not strongly hit during dinner about a chair leg or do you hurt yourself, doing household chores, put a little liquid for rinsing the mouth at the site of injury. It will reduce the redness and swelling on the skin.

Of course, we do not provide a clear medical recommendation, but only to share useful advice that will help in the case of minor injuries and bruises.

Coffee filters for dust

If you have a delivery of a complex project or a new issue of the magazine, and you’re stuck in the office and literally sleep in it, even there, you can take care of your skin.

The Shine on the face will help to remove the paper coffee filters. Don’t believe? Just DAB it on the skin in the area of T zone, and you will be happy. We certainly don’t recommend you go with a matte wipes and powders on the coffee filters, but as a first aid this technique will fit perfectly. Suddenly you’re stuck in the office with a cute colleague?

12 beauty life hacks for busy woman

Eyeshadow for “thick” hair

Many young mothers, and all who are faced with constant stress and hormonal overloads, suffer from hair loss.

In such cases it is better to consult a trichologist who will identify the true cause of the disease, put an accurate diagnosis and prescribe proper treatment.

If the hair has not come back, and you planned a major event – a family holiday, corporate event, photo shoot with children to rectify the situation will help ordinary eyeshadow. Just apply some cosmetics on the middle and bald on top and gently “hammer” it into the skin. By the way, will help dry shampoo with pigment suitable for your hair color. Visually, the hair will be more, and you will feel more confident.

T-shirt instead of a towel

On the scalp there are literally five minutes, and do not want to spoil your hair? There is a solution: instead of a towel, wipe them with a cotton t-shirt. It is faster and better absorb water and will save you precious minutes.

This life hack can be used as after shower or after the rain. If suddenly you are caught in a downpour on the way to work, and you have no umbrella, then ask around from your colleagues: suddenly where-that remained corporate t-shirts? One of them may save your hair from the water, and yourself from the flu: not so easy to dry my hair in the office toilet with a hand dryer.

12 beauty life hacks for busy woman

Cornstarch as dry shampoo

Over your favorite dry shampoo and the wash and style? Check out the kitchen and find corn starch. Pour a little starch onto your comb and then go over it through his hair.

It is better to use this technique on blonde hair: on dark the starch is more visible. Or maybe comb the hair to remove excess starch.

Toothbrush instead of a comb

Are you annoyed fluffy and unruly strands that always stand out of hairstyles? Tame them with a toothbrush!

Style and determine exactly where the sticking out hair. Spray a little hairspray on the toothbrush and gently smooth it “problematic” hide-and-seek. Ready!

12 beauty life hacks for busy woman

Soda and hydrogen peroxide for a healthy nail

For every busy woman’s trip to the beauty salon is a luxury that rarely is time.

If you need to bring nails in order, then come to the aid of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Mix them in a small amount of warm water, apply on the nail plate and quickly and easily go over them with a brush.

After this compress the nails become smooth and shiny, and no one will doubt that you’re a regular manicure.

The tea bag to save a cracked nail

Now at the height of fashion short nails, but even they can suddenly crack during household chores or travel. Urgently to save the affected nail will help ordinary tea bag.

With the help of manicure scissors cut a small piece from the bag, they close the crack and put the transparent nail Polish. “Patch” will save your manicure and allow short nail grow back to the desired length so you can trim it and not to disturb the delicate skin.

Baby powder to help mascara

Clap eyelashes and fly up, but about the baby powder, do not forget. So we voluntarily added the words to the song, and at the same time has shared another simple and effective beauty life hack.

Want thick and long lashes, but no time to “draw” them layer by layer? Apply on eyelashes baby powder, and then swipe with a brush and ink: the result will surprise you!

12 beauty life hacks for busy woman

To beauty the life hacks we decided to add a few simple and effective techniques that will help you with your clothes.

Hairspray or for tights?

To compile this list, we did not know about this unusual reception.

So, all the girls enrage the arrow on the tights, which will spoil the whole image. And in General, age of tights and stockings are so short that they are over a year away impressive amount.

Output there are two: either in winter and autumn walk in the pants, or use hairspray.

If you still want to look feminine and choose the second option, here’s a simple instruction. Get new tights from the pile and gently sprinkle them with varnish. All! This life skill will greatly prolong the service life of tights and stockings. Thus they can be safely washed and after washing, re-spray is not necessary.

Jeans in the fridge

Don’t always have time to wash your favorite jeans every day. What to do if it is in them your ass looks particularly toned, and his legs are almost endless?

There is a solution! Just briefly put jeans in the freezer. The cold will bring them a fresh look and smell, but you will save time for a Cup of coffee or a home gym.

“Filed” jeans with a glue gun

So, the jeans look cool, but what if you are not satisfied with their length? The suturing of the legs and to look your best you need here and now… There is salvation.

Many homes have a glue gun (especially if you have children or you love to do needlework). If you are among those lucky ones, tuck Trouser legs to the desired length and glue with hot melt adhesive.

Later, the glue can easily be separated from the fabric without harming it, and you will be able to sew the leg in the traditional way.

12 beauty life hacks for busy woman