11 things I’m doing that my wife was happy

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A happy marriage is possible only if your partner is happy. Troy Stonking recognized that in 25 years of married life he realized that the little things are important. “I’m not perfect, I still make mistakes, but I try to make every effort to be a good husband,” he says.

1. I’m doing a small homework

This morning I laid out on the ground clean the dishes, and my wife was very grateful. I often help her with the Laundry and make the bed. Small farm business — the indicator of my concerns about creating home coziness.

2. Her desires are my priorities

I always ask what she would like for dinner, and do not offer first and foremost what I want. While walking I adapt to her step. For me always first her and then me. No, I’m not a doormat, I just respect her needs.

3. I listen to her without interrupting

If she needs to share something, I always listen. Can I ask you a few questions in order to better understand it. But I’m not trying to solve her problem, while I’m asking. Sometimes women just need to talk, and that’s all she needed. Just listen. You’ll see it too.

11 things I'm doing that my wife was happy

4. I’m always gentle with her

My wife will never hear me say rude words. I love her too much to be otherwise. If we argue, I don’t let emotions get in the way, talk to your wife politely and always try to remember how important it is for me.

5. I speak to her politely

Polite words are the expression of tenderness. When I talk with my wife, my speech is filled with words “thank you” and “please.” I try to let my speech reflect all my feelings for her, and talking with his wife in a special way, as with anyone else.

6. I do compliments

A new haircut or outfit — I always try to notice and compliment you. Friends I praised her efforts and tell you something good about his wife. I love how she draws as she is, overcoming laziness, gets up in the morning for a run, as she cares about others.

I love her, so praised for all these things. I do it even when its not there. I want to know what she is an amazing person.

11 things I'm doing that my wife was happy

7. I’m not afraid of responsibilities

Certain things, such as trash removal, minor repairs around the house, it is my duty in our family. So I always do it, maybe not immediately, but definitely do. I don’t want to burden her with additional work.

8. Listen, apologize and make conclusions

I’m a marathoner. Therefore, the distance of 5 kilometers for me is nothing. Recently my wife noticed that, when I say, “Yes, only some 5 kilometers!”, I may inadvertently hurt other people. She reminded me that 5 miles for me was a huge distance and you need to respect the opinions of others, to be kinder. And I’ll never say.

9. I ask her opinion

When I have to make a difficult decision, I ask her advice. She’s smart, insightful, and knows what other people are feeling. She always gives valuable advice.

11 things I'm doing that my wife was happy

10. I support all of her dreams

I try to encourage all of her undertakings. She loves to draw, and the birthday I gave her a course of lessons in art school. I want to fulfill all your dreams, and I strongly support this.

11. I tell her that I love her

Every day, several times I say to my wife that I love her. These words do not lose strength, I always do. And she does the same thing. I want her never had any doubt that I love her the most.

Everything I say and do every day has a huge impact on my wife. I’m doing everything to make her happy, it is my duty as a husband. We both must constantly strive to make each other happier.