11 most simple tips to be happy

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1. Celebrate your small victory

And best of three wins. Take a sheet of paper and write down three things you did good today, yesterday or last week. You may not think so, but in fact you are able to achieve success every day. It’s just small victories. But if you’ll notice, the brain that’s sufficient “to include” happiness.

The celebration of small victories leads to the release of dopamine — the hormone of happiness. It’s better than dopamine to accumulate, waiting for the big joy. In addition, enjoy the victory didn’t last long.

11 most simple tips to be happy

2. Engage in planning something new

Dopamine, one of the happiness hormones sharply raises our mood. It is produced in those moments when we start new projects. Repairs in the apartment, a Grand party or moving to another city — planning makes us the activity and excitement, as it is associated with the achievement of important life goals.

So, if you are sad, immediately take the script of the children’s holiday, his birthday, or outline your goals and dreams for the coming year.

3. Do something unusual

Happiness is always there. You only need to see him. And for this — to open their minds. A sense of happiness and optimism appear if you will go beyond the current situation and be free from their own limitations.

To get a dose of happiness make that will give you a new experience. View video tutorial of the Chinese language, read a book in a genre that you don’t close, talk to colleagues about what they do not understand (not only about work, of course). Try something new.

4. Smile

Psychologists have proven that emotions, thoughts, and facial muscles are connected. When you have a good mood, you smile. Right? The opposite is true. If you smile, the brain sends signals to muscles: “what are You doing? Why behave as though you happy?” And he has no choice but to adjust emotions and thoughts that everything was in harmony: and appearance, and content.

Try. You will immediately feel better.

11 most simple tips to be happy

5. Benefit from the phrase “I told you so!”

Surely this way you will like it. Our brain is so constituted that longs for social recognition, and when it receives, releases serotonin — the hormone of happiness. This and offer.

Make a short pause in order to assess the benefit you bring to others. Mark that down in your head. Of course, we called this method “the Use of the phrase “I told you so!””, but it is only for you — not for others. In any case, do not make such statements because it offends people. Just look for themselves at least a small sign of respect and make them satisfaction.

6. Listen to your favorite song

Music brings joy because our brain when sound tries to predict what will happen next — which note will be next. Each prediction is accomplished by stimulating the release of dopamine, another hormone of happiness. So look for your favorite record and enjoy the happiness.

7. Master of home meditation

Conscious meditation is an easy way to bring to life the joy and peace of mind. And by the way, do not necessarily sit in the Lotus position and sing “Om-m-m”. At the household meditation need 2-5 minutes a day, and no one will even notice that you are meditating.

The benefit is that meditation teaches us to focus on what you need (not the stress, and the feeling of happiness, for example), due to activation of the parasympathetic nervous system. This is confirmed by studies of the brain with a scanner. Incidentally, the same effect is the basis of methods of psychotherapy and hypnosis.

How to conduct a residential meditation? Easy. Watch your inhales and exhales (it slows heart rate and calms), focus only on your breathing and try to stop the internal dialogue. Each time will get better. This can be done while eating, washing dishes or for a few minutes distracted from the monitor screen at work.

11 most simple tips to be happy

8. Use the technique of “inclusive questions”

The feeling of happiness is directly related to the fact that we feel: are we for their lives as a whole and for each moment or not. Should focus on how you yourself can change everything for the better, not on how much have to wait until the world will bring joy into your life. This will help to make correctly formulated — involving — questions of myself.

Write on a piece of paper the following: “did I Do everything possible today in order to achieve happiness?” And give yourself a rating on a scale of 1 to 10. Most likely, you’ve tried ten. So here’s the next step: figure out what you can do now to set the mood. This question you can ask yourself about work, relationships, goals in life and in the short term. So you take today in hand and already just feel better.

9. Hug a loved one

Homo sapiens is a social creature to the bone. This is provided by mirror neurons, a number of hormones (dopamine, oxytocin), and even natural opiates, which, according to neurophysiologists, activate the cortex when we communicate with pleasant to us people. That’s why it’s easy to raise the mood thanks to the support of others.

Positive relationships with people even called social medicine. So, if you are sad, immediately take a dose of medicine: call your mom, chat with a friend, enclose in the arms of the child. Incidentally, this not only gives happiness, but also strengthens the immune system, reduces anxiety and even cholesterol. Real medicine!

11 most simple tips to be happy

10. Do not sit idly by

How we behave in the days when everything is bad? Not in the mood to do anything you do not want. Climb under the duvet and don’t answer the phone — this is a dream. However, our brain is arranged differently: in fact, you need to act at least trying to change the situation. This activates the left frontal lobe that is responsible for optimism.

If you have fallen into depression, you feel sad or just want to feel happier, start to act. For a start, concentrate on the desired mood. Then you need to make an effort and do something that will help move toward the positive. You need to make every effort to try to do what you really want: for example, to get out to the movies with friends although you would prefer to stay at home because you have no sentiments.

11. Take a walk or do a few active movements

Doing exercise, you feel a surge of positive emotions: physical exercise fills your brain with oxygen, including your brain. In addition, the training, especially the variety (different muscle groups), causing a rush of endorphins. This is one of the fastest ways to “happy”. It takes 5-7 minutes to the mood went up.

At that point, your laziness has probably already launched an offensive and whispers: “Well, why do you this. And so it goes. Your life is all right.” Do not give in. If you belong to the category of people who do not develop physical fitness, exercise will bring you a brand new feeling. But if in the past you were friends with the sport and worried about how you’re doing it, stop trying to control the situation and walk away happily.

11 most simple tips to be happy

If we feel “small happiness” and know how to trigger it at will, it is easier for us to see their dissatisfaction with the poor weather, or unfriendly coworkers at the correct angle and release it. Every day can be happier. It all depends on you.