11 methods to become feminine and find happiness. It is needed to listen!

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Many women dream about how to find and keep a man. They are recorded in a gym, beauty parlor, reconsider the best cooking shows, buying passionate clothes and underwear, but all the same I remain with nothing. If you are among those who still can’t meet his love, read our article. It will help you to see and correct mistakes!

What prevents to become feminine

  1. Complaints
    There is a slight difference between a complaint and a request, and she is in the mood. Don’t complain, and blurts what you feel, because if they complain, then someone will be to blame. And learn to take the advice of a man, and not to put it before the fact.
  2. Life downstream
    Make sure you put love in everything that you do.
  3. Mens sports and leisure
    Do you really think that will be feminine, if you will be on a par with men watching football and drinking beer on the couch?
  4. The lack of girlfriends
    Female for intimate communication need women. A former classmate or colleague for the hand-holding or best girlfriends are not suitable.
  5. The lack of personal time
    Learn to spend time just on yourself and on the women’s stuff. A woman definitely need to spend time on the small stuff, and sometimes money too.
  6. The lack of care for their body
    No comment.
  7. Lack of creativity
    Every woman should have its own space for creativity: the flowers, flower beds, interiors, photography…
  8. The overabundance of communication to the outside
    The woman needs to communicate only with those who loved her, and always be in the comfort zone. With men it’s the same Vice versa. If he communicates with those who did not love him, he overcomes difficulties and develops. Conclusion: don’t do what you don’t like!
  9. Attempt to lead
    Yes, women are very good at lead, but it is better not to do it, as it is against the nature of women. A woman needs to inspire, and the external problems need to be trusted to solve the man. Often the woman herself asks to take a loan and then go crazy, how to pay it. Remember: such issues are decided by only a man and a woman better know this.
  10. Excessive social activity
    Actively taking part in addressing social issues, women try to compensate the lack of love. However, you have to disappoint you: actually it’s not working. Engage in outside activities only in free from family responsibilities time and only for the soul.
  11. Pants
    Surely you know that the trousers are men’s clothing. Reconsider your closet: if you have a limited, meager, pale or unloved closet, upgrade it urgently. For men wardrobe with clothes doesn’t mean anything, but for women is the world.
Perhaps due to these tips not only will you revise your mistakes and learn to be feminine, but finally will meet her Prince!