10 work in pajamas for a great money

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Especially for those who are tired of office.

In recent years, more and more people prefer to work at home for personal laptop or computer. Yeah, they’re freelancers. Some are wary of this and consider that sitting on the couch, big money did not earn.

Likestory.net decided to dispel your doubts and gathered 10 professions that involve homework.

1. Web developer

Web developers are the invisible architects of the Internet, creating websites especially for all of us. Everything you need to work from home is the availability of a computer, special programs and good programming skills.

2. Virtual assistant

Virtual assistants are required in many global companies. Their responsibilities include constant monitoring of information on the Internet, collecting data, maintaining spreadsheets, and editing materials.

3. Graphic designer

From appliances to baby formula — each product has its own distinctive features, its design. Unique appearance of the packaging of each product is what creates graphic designers. According to the Bureau of labor statistics, about a quarter of them are freelancers. All you need is the appropriate gadgets and a good portfolio that will demonstrate your skills to the employer.

4. Travel agent

Today most of the sites with hotels and tickets is available to Internet users. But the travel agent only helps people to choose the best rate and to navigate the tour. To meet these responsibilities, not necessarily work from the office.

10 work in pajamas for a great money

5. Copywriter

Copywriters — people who come up with advertising slogans, bright, exciting custom-made articles. They are often called “sharks of the pen”. Very often in the copywriting leaves journalists and PR managers, to get away from newsrooms and offices and to be creative within the walls of his home.

6. Technical writer

Technical writers are employees who create instructions for employees of the firm, technical documentation, help manuals for software. For several years, this profession is highly paid abroad and is gaining momentum in Russia. Usually the job take people with excellent knowledge in native and foreign languages, as well as the Law “On copyright”.

7. Medical translator

People who are engaged in medical translation, performs the same duties as secretaries to the court. They translate the record on paper and store patient files. As you can see, these duties do not involve the presence on the territory of the employer.

8. Sales representative

With the advent of the Internet and mobile communications sales representatives no longer need to travel around the city in search of new clients and negotiation with them. Now the case can be carried out of the house, offering products for all available forms of communication.

By the way, the sales representative cannot be compared with the tasks of a telemarketer. As a rule, the first has a lot of experience in sales and private client base.

10 work in pajamas for a great money

9. Manager clients

If you have problems with, say, a credit card, you call your Bank. On the wire, you hear the pleasant voice of a certain Alexander and tell him about the problem.

Interestingly, these experts do not always receive calls from the Bank’s office. Some firms have already adopted the virtual call centers, employing people on contract.

Usually, in order to work managers customers, you do not need special education. It’s about the experience of working with people and home office.

10. Moderator

Nowadays, most major companies have a website and accounts in social networks. Moderators — people who monitor the “cleanliness and order” on the electronic pages. The duties of these specialists include the removal of obscene reviews, communication with users on issues of interest.