10 ways how to return the “fire” in the relationship

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In long-term relationships, the desire fades away? Not always and not all. Can you maintain the passion or to regain the pleasure?

Physical attraction in marriage over time, often fades away, but that doesn’t mean to return or to support it is impossible.

Likestory.net collected experts ‘ recommendations on this topic.

Select the appropriate time for conversation

Intimate life of the couple may end for many reasons: stress, illness, anxiety, low libido, menopause, lack of confidence, and so on. And it’s easier to gloss over this topic than to be addressed openly to talk about it. And yet you need to talk, preferably when you are both not stressed and nothing will interrupt your conversation. But it need not in bed and not when you are trying to persuade a partner to have lovemaking, or get angry or feel frustrated.

Learn to listen to the partner

Don’t take everything said on your account. Don’t think no more attracted him, not to attribute to him their concerns. Such conversations are always Laden with excessive emotion, so try not to succumb to them and hear what you want to say a partner and what are his feelings. It is not that you’ve gained weight or aged.

Don’t take the partner’s refusal of lovemaking immediately to your account. Don’t think no more attracted him, not to attribute to him their concerns.

Be honest with yourself and with your partner

Both of you did not make effort to like each other? Your relationship become routine? It’s not about what you need to be supermodels. But if you yourself do not like and do not see anything attractive, it is difficult to expect that other people will love you. Maybe you are not satisfied that the partner has ceased for a monitor? You should tell him how considerate.

10 ways how to return the "fire" in the relationship

Decide if lovemaking is important for each of you

Are you ready to sacrifice to lovemaking for the sake of some more important components of your relationship? There are couples who are satisfied with a marriage. But if you can’t reach, tell me about it.

Be patient

If lack of lovemaking was the stumbling block, the more passionate of the two of you have to be patient to work together to understand the causes of the problem. And of course, do not offer a partner to go to open relations.

Together seek help

You need to go to the specialists or the family therapist to understand the true causes of the problem. It is important that you understand the situation with your partner. In the beginning of a relationship lovemaking is something taken for granted, natural and delicious, but over the years it may require a conscious effort. However, they will pay off handsomely.

10 ways how to return the "fire" in the relationship

Emotional and physical intimacy go together

Spend together for leisure, have fun, find time for each other. When we feel that the partner can hear us and understand, it intensifies the desire.

A temporary ban on lovemaking

Some specialists recommend to couples who never lovemaking… to prevent myself (temporarily) to do it. At first glance, it sounds strange: why deny doing something and so not doing? However, consciousness itself, there won’t lovemaking, removes the anxiety associated with the expectation or necessity. This allows the partners to feel more free and relaxed.

Small steps. Go back to lovemaking gradually

Start small: hold hands in the street, kiss the child of a partner on the cheek, leaving for work. The next stage – massage, hugs, long kisses… But don’t have lovemaking until you feel ready. The idea of such a gradual convergence to rediscover the sensuality of each other and allow the desire to grow without any coercion. It is important to discuss with a partner what you and he feel right now, but don’t push him to go further until he is ready.

10 ways how to return the "fire" in the relationship

Alcohol – not an assistant

It’s true. However, a nice dinner and easy conversation over a glass or two of wine often lead to continue in bed.