10 ways to destroy any relationship

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Remember the movie with Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey at “How to lose a guy in 10 days” where the heroine did what to do to build relationships? Psychologists believe that each of us is a bit of a heroine of the Hudson, but we are not always aware of this report. Many people believe if he loved me for who I am, wisdom and training of psychologists will not help. So, what to do, so the man ran away from you?

1. Covet!

Preferably so that he had to justify himself again and again. Check the pockets, interrogate with predilection, throw tantrums. However, more about this below.

2. Hysteria!

It needs to always be in good shape and ready for the showdown at any time of the day night. He is not afraid of yelling and not startled by the smashing of crockery? Congratulations — you are on the right track.

3. Ask about exes girls.

Ask for a report that he no longer loves them, that they were terrible, thick, and indeed his whole life before you was meaningless. Let him speak. Over and over again. This music should be eternal. But we should not relax when you hear what you want. Add something like “I don’t believe you!” and let some persuasion that this is true!

10 ways to destroy any relationship

4. Ignore his feelings.

Not small — he will understand. Live close to like divide the square footage to what sentiments and soul wide open?

5. Forget about personal space.

Molest to him so that he could not breathe. Hold his hand while eating, lie on it while watching a movie, but whenever it attempts to leave the room ask: “where are You going?”.

6. Any friends in the house.

And to meet them there is no need. They are all alcoholics, party people, with them absolutely nothing to talk about. Well, you understand.

10 ways to destroy any relationship

7. Get others to share your interests with fierce.

Let love your music, food, and of the lark turns into a owl under the pretext that your biological clock must be synchronized. For a civilized man with a sense of dignity no torture worse.

8. Ask, and demand better.

Flowers, gifts, new iPhones, coffee in bed, restaurants, as well as to pay more attention and agree with you in everything.

9. Live with my parents.

And it doesn’t even matter whose it is — works flawlessly in both cases.

10 ways to destroy any relationship

10. Complain.

A lot and for any reason. Better to whine, moan and even go on a tearful tone. The reason — either: the bad guys are colleagues, not enough money, sex is bad, fun is not happy, meaning in life, and all the best is not with you. And, of course, he’s not trying hard enough, that all was well.