10 useful facts for men about women

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Can a woman love two simultaneously, what they generally want from men (spoiler: not possible) and what they can do if they cheat?

The difference between male and female sexuality creates many stereotypes and myths. We seek to solve the opposite sex, attributing his non-existent dignity, inclination and prejudice. Usually attempts to “understand men” or “understanding women” is doomed to failure, because there is no generalized generalized women or men. And yet we try to grasp regularities and to explain the unexplainable. Here is another list of facts that bring us closer to a solution.

10 useful facts for men about women

1. She asks you impossible

The perfect man should show two seemingly mutually exclusive qualities: to be a hero with a fairly broad shoulders in order to ward off misfortune, and to behave as a gallant gentleman, without hiding weaknesses in a relationship. In short, they should be “integrated”: the mighty (physically) and receptive (psychologically).

2. She can love just one man

For women, as a rule, the whole love story is a separate story that she completely lives with the man he loves. She rarely compares what is happening “here and now”, with the previous experience. The man may be (much) easier to live the same type of relationship and to prevent the same behavior with many partners. To the extent that sometimes forgets their names…

3. First she falls in love with the man’s eyes

Soulful or sensual look is worth all the muscle in the world. Therefore, it is not necessary more or less adroitly to conceal during the first meeting a little incipient belly. But the eyes she will look at your hands – they tell her what affection can do – and listen to your voice. Because the voice can also caress the ear: which confirms the success of pop singers.

10 useful facts for men about women

4. She wants to talk before making love

A woman needs to hear, “Honey, I love you” in order to experience desire. It requires a sense to begin to sex, while men to open up feelings, you want sex.

5. She likes to stimulate all her erogenous zones

“To fall into euphoria” a woman needs in bed, the man showed interest to her whole body, not just her genitals. How many men there are “men with experience” those who forgets to kiss (as it should) on the lips of his wife or gently nibble her ears?

6. She responds with pleasure at the pleasure

Even if she wants to be caressed from head to toe, threads, caresses are not a “pass” for penetration. Many women prefer the winding paths of subtle touch, the contact of skin on skin, the highways of intercourse “every time”. In contrast, men who do not think sex without penetration.

10 useful facts for men about women

7. She hates being perceived as the object

Although some practice the “love the sports”, sports right and left, because sexual zapping (quick change of partners) in fashion or simply because they like it, however they need a reason to have sex. For most women it is the sovereign purpose of the sexual act.

8. She is very sensitive to the manifestation of attention after sex

Want even more to excite, to enthrall, to charm? If after sex the man, despite overcoming his fatigue and numbness, can hug his partner, mutter sweet words, praise, evaluate… Signs (attention), show her that she is not just an object of satisfaction of desire.

9. Deceived, she burns bridges

For the woman betrayed, the relationship ended. If this is the end, the end! The deceived man will seek to re-glue the pieces and get back his love.

10 useful facts for men about women

10. She can go to live alone

Unsatisfied woman can end the relationship without having a “reserve airfield”. Man, on the contrary, much stronger than need in a home, a refuge, a “peace of mind”, therefore, he is more willing to compromise, even if it in a couple difficulties.