10 most unusual beauty contests

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Likestory.net decided to collect the most unusual beauty pageants, which were held over the past 100 years.

September 19, 1888, was held the first beauty contest in the Belgian town of Spa. He was not too similar to modern competitions – the participants walked the catwalk in swimsuits and was not shown to the public. The jury made their choice on the basis of photographs: 21 was chosen as the finalist, and the first beauty Queen was 18-year-old Bertha Sukkar.

Today everything is different: participants years preparing to be miss World or miss universe, prepare rooms and taught languages, but the main criterion is still the appearance of the girls. However, not all agree that a beautiful face is the biggest advantage.

Miss Beautiful morals

10 most unusual beauty contests

In the Muslim world also held beauty contests, but I agree the canons of religion, girls can’t show the face and figure in public. Therefore, in this beauty contest need to be very meek and obedient. Judges will evaluate how well and respectful participants in talking with their mothers.

“Miss Beautiful morals” is held since 2008 in Saudi Arabia, and like any self-respecting beauty contest there are cash prizes.

Miss Barbie

10 most unusual beauty contests
The contest is for those who are not willing to walk in a swimsuit in front of thousands of spectators, but still wants to participate in the beauty contest. Here are not people, and Barbie dolls. All dolls perfect settings, so they impose the original makeup, doing hair and special outfits. In addition, for Barbie up with a name and profession.

Miss Untamed beauty

10 most unusual beauty contests
In 2007 in Iceland, held an alternative beauty contest – participants should not have been in swimsuits to walk the catwalk or hide the cellulite and wrinkles. At this competition were evaluated natural beauty in the competition can participate people of any ages, sizes and gender.

Miss Atomic bomb

When talking about “ruthless marketing”, not lying. As an example, recall the beauty pageant held in USA in 1950 “Miss Atomic bomb”. At this time, the testing of atomic bombs, and the theme was so popular that marketers have placed images of the atomic explosion at the labels of the goods for the house and Love Vegas in all seriousness, was chosen “Miss Atomic bomb”.

Miss Perfect posture

10 most unusual beauty contests
In some contests, no matter how nice a person participating. For example, the title of “Miss Perfect posture” can only be obtained with perfect posture x-ray excludes a Scam. In addition, girls are weighed on two scales – be feet in different bowls, and if the weight is distributed evenly, posture is recognized perfect.

Miss Boom-Boom

In Brazil there own opinion, what part of the body the most beautiful girls: annually there choose Miss Boom-Boom, which has the most beautiful buttocks. The selection is very hard: hundreds of girls are choosing 15 finalists, and the winner is determined by online voting.

Miss Shin

10 most unusual beauty contests

If in Brazil appreciate the priests, the US national fetish is feet. It is not surprising that there are beauty pageants, which evaluate only the legs. The upper body is hidden from judges by a picture of a giant Turkey. All because the timed event is the annual festival of turkeys in Arkansas.

Miss Kara

To become Miss Kara it was not necessary to have the model data or an angel’s face, just enough to convince the judges that the ideal Kare – your. The first competition was held in 1925 and supported women who found the courage to get rid of the corsets and long curls.

Miss Plastic

10 most unusual beauty contests
Fans of natural beauty came to be shocked from this contest: the intervention of therapists and doctors is to be welcomed. And it’s not about the Botox injections, breast implants and rhinoplasty – there is not so much compete rivals, how many plastic surgeons, because all operations need to document.

The contest is held in Hungary and Miss Plastic as a prize gets an apartment in Budapest.

Mrs. Washington Retired

10 most unusual beauty contests

In the US there are beauty pageants for all, and “Mrs. Washington Retired to one of the most popular. The contest involves ladies over 60, and the winner is evaluated on several dimensions interview where participants share their wisdom, talent and evening gown.