10 things that we must not say at the interview

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These tips will help you get your dream job.

Before you go for the interview you for a long time replaying what you will tell about yourself and ask your employer. In such a situation the law “be as you are” is not valid. To get the coveted position, you need to think 10 times, will you play your words with you bad joke.

Here are 10 things that you do not want to say at the interview.

1. Do you offer sick leave?

This is obviously a very important question for you. But not at the interview! The employer may give the feeling that you are going to often go to the hospital. Try to reframe the question. Find out that includes the benefits package that the company provides.

2. How soon will I get a raise?

Yes, let you know what you are doing a fantastic job, but this isn’t the time for such question. Don’t forget that you have not hired and were not able to evaluate your skills. It would be better if you ask the interviewer about career opportunities.

3. I’m my own boss.

Every employer is looking for someone who will be able to work together with other employees for the benefit of one goal. If you utter such a phrase, the representatives of the company may give the impression that you are a farmer. HR will be pleased to hear that you want to develop together with colleagues and bringing the firm’s favor.

4. How long will it take our interview?

Yes, agree that the interview is not entertainment. You are constantly nervous thinking about new answers, without end hair and wait, and when it’s all over. But to ask such a question before the interview at least rude!

As a rule, most managers recruiters misleading about the duration of the interview a few days before him. Carefully read the invitation!

5. Wait, I need to take this call.

This is perhaps the worst mistake you can make at an interview. Music and phone vibration can confuse not only you but also your partner. The rule is before the beginning of the conversation is to turn off all your gadgets.

6. My last boss/colleague was terrible.

Yes, perhaps your old boss was not the most wonderful person in your life, but that in any case should not know your new employer. Every story has two versions and not the fact that the truth is on your side. There are many ways to explain why you made the decision to leave my previous job.

7. I’m not going to wear that uniform.

In some companies there is a dress code, and you have to deal with it. Anyone not interested in whether you like the jacket or the pants. Agree, so much more than the established dress code.

8. You throw a party for employees?

Have you ever heard this phrase: “Not the time nor the place”? The employer may think that you’re going to work, and to have fun. Supplies the matter for later and try to behave very seriously.

9. I can’t pass a drug test.

This information may alert the employer. It is better not to say such things, because it is unlikely that you will be asked to undergo any medical tests.

10. Can I take my shoes off?

Your feet can buzz from fatigue, but you don’t have to succumb to all your desires. Even if your interviewer took off his jacket and put his feet on the table, you must remain steadfast. When you are invited to make yourself comfortable and feel like home, don’t take it literally.