10 things that you must do in Milan

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Most people, alas, stereotypical believes that Milan in addition to shopping do nothing. And here we with it categorically do not agree! Offer you their unconditional 10 must do in the fashion capital of Milan. And, mind you, none of these items are not linked with shopping. It seems to me that the more diverse the program, the more you give yourself a chance to fall in love with the city truly. We like Milan, for example, all serious.

  1.  To absorb the flavors of Italy10 things that you must do in Milan
    Avery Perfume Gallery is not just a boutique, it is a wonderful country for lovers of rare, selective fragrances, brought to Italy from all over the world. Once in the boutique, are in a parallel universe, where instead of the usual wall — illuminated mirrors instead of Windows — stained glass Windows, but instead of the usual vials — the vials of elixirs of eternal youth and beauty. In Milan open from two “magic” of the gallery, but my favorite is located at Galleria del Corso, 4.
  2. Admire the unfinished creation of Michelangelo

    10 things that you must do in Milan
    In a graceful and powerful at the same time the residence of the most powerful men in Milan dynasty of the Dukes of Sforzesco (Piazza Castello) – you need to go for many reasons. Because of the Napoleonic Arch of peace, because of the frescoes by Leonardo da Vinci, from the antique furniture of rare beauty… But for me, this place will forever be illuminated by the light of genius Michelangelo, because here is one of his last works is the Pieta Rondanini. The sculpture is not finished yet, but this looks even more shrill and touching.

  3. Dinner in a vintage tram

    10 things that you must do in MilanZahod BigZahod Big

    The city tram is one of the main symbols of Milan. The first groups started in the 1920es, was painted bright yellow, and replaced them in the 1950s, a new party — orange. In the ‘ 70s, also the streets started to rumble cars color glass bottle. Salon in these “urban airship” was made from natural wood ceilings, and swinging lamps to patterned lampshades. One rare part still travels through the city center, however, turned into a restaurant ATMosfera.

  4. To visit the furniture workshop

    10 things that you must do in Milan
    Studio Achille Castiglioni (Piazza Castello 27) secret place about which I know even not all Milanese. This is a unique hybrid between a workshop, a creative cluster, a Museum and a private enterprise. The space was created by Achille Castiglioni, the famous Italian designer, who died in 2002. Here are his best sketches and made them the model, and can observe all the processes of creation of interior items. The atmosphere is such, as if the artist literally excused myself for a moment to put the kettle on in the kitchen.

  5. Look in the grocery store

    10 things that you must do in Milan
    Peck (Via Spadari, 9) is a legendary deli, which since its inception in 1883, is the center of attraction for gourmets from all over the city. Ordinary grocery store, this luxury food store can not be called. This is a true gastronomic Empire, where they sell the fresh meat, the flavorful cheese, the crispy rolls for Breakfast and the most expensive delicacies. And even when the store has a great eponymous restaurant, where all these delights to skillfully assemble the best Italian cuisine.

  6. Feel Tilda Swinton

    10 things that you must do in Milan 10 things that you must do in Milan
    All the famous Milan thirst for luxury and love of dolce vita. In my opinion, the perfect embodiment of this style of life is Villa Necchi Campiglio (Via Mozart 14). To say that this beautiful urban estate — it does not say anything. I want to stay here to live. Forever. Walking through the endless rooms with wide open Windows and a green garden, involuntarily imagine myself as the heroine Tilda Swinton from the drama “I am love”, all the events that take place in these utopian scenery.

  7. Imagine that you are in Venice

    10 things that you must do in Milan
    The Navigli canals — a bright, young, colorful district of old Milan, which stretches on both banks of the modest city’s reservoirs. Of course, about Venice, I got a little excited in Milan more modest scale, however, swim on the boat still curious adventure. And after the tour you can look at one of the trendy local bars, where from lunch, sits and roars Bohemians from all around.

  8. To miss the train

    10 things that you must do in Milan
    The truth is, a train ticket, just an excuse to visit one of the most beautiful stations of the Old world Stazione Centrale (Piazza Duca d’aosta, 1). Its quaint old building ivory towers in the square, like a rare animal, frozen in a daze from the city traffic. Outside, the unchanging dignity and poise inside a cacophony of sounds, people and suitcases. Be sure to visit Grand Central station of Milan, even if you have nowhere to go, or your train has already left.

  9. To leave the center for the art

    10 things that you must do in Milan
    Museum “Hangar Bicocca” (Via Chiese, 2) for the secular Milan place outstanding. It is located in the industrial area of Bicocca, in the North-West of the city and quite far from the centre. Old factory shed has been transformed into a unique art complex company Pirelli. And now thanks to factory spaces, there are very large-scale installations, as sheds and lofts can accommodate more than a thousand exhibits. There was exhibited such values of conceptual art, Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, Thomas Saraceno and Marina Abramovic.

  10. Stroll through area gardens10 things that you must do in Milan

    Who would have thought that in the heart of Milan hidden from prying eyes an entire district. Yes, what! Via Abramo Lincoln called “the quarter of the gardens.” It is very short — only a couple of hundred meters, on both sides, as the picture lined colorful houses in two or three floors. The perfect place for a romantic photo shoot: blooming flowerbeds, bright green lawns, white curtains fluttering at the Windows, and thick cats impressively bask in the sun… After the hectic Milan fashion week, this place seems like an oasis in the maelstrom of the passions of Milan.