10 things a man should never do in any case!

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1. A man should not be weak

The ability to protect the girl, his wife and children from danger is an absolute necessity. And it gives strength. It will help you to carry heavy objects, wear on the hands of beautiful girls endure the hardships of life and to beat a muzzle to the impudent presumptuous. A man should not be weak!

2. A man should not be stupid

Modern man should not be stupid, it looks too dull. Education, knowledge and curiosity is a wonderful quality. Arnold Schwarzenegger is our hero, he is a seven-time title holder of “Mr. Olympia”, the father of five children, actor, businessman, and Lieutenant Governor of California. Tell him that mind and force are incompatible. A man should not be stupid!

3. A man should not be greedy

The words man and greed are not compatible. While wimps and would-be charge ponder who should pay for the coffee and to what extent, do it with panache and soul. Most women are rational and understand that you should not order the “steak of marble meat” or “chocolate truffles”. A man should never to count money, if you invited a woman to the establishment, be prepared to pay.

4. A man should not be a coward

Who first acts, he reaps the fruits of success. In business, life, sports and in the relations of the main prizes get first. The one who made the first move, despite possible obstacles, will succeed. A man should not be passive, indecisive and the more a coward.

5. A man should not be unreliable

The unreliability, indecisiveness and irresponsibility – these qualities we would not wish to see in your friend, and yourself especially. Man is distinguished similarity to stone, but not with a straw in the wind.

10 things a man should never do in any case!

6. The man doesn’t have to be boring

Sullen, unsmiling and boring type does not cause one bit of sympathy from others, and from himself too. Nerds, dorks, mattresses and other antisocial types do not have the right to be counted for the male gender a priori. Men – they are smiling and charming. A man should not be unpleasant.

7. A man should not be a loser

To complain about the sorrows of life and to explain his defeat – not the inheritance of the powerful. No matter how much the man fell, he will rise. Will rise even if no force, both moral and physical. In spite of all enemies, proving that he is not a loser. The clear objectives and will fail no matter what. A man should not be a pathetic loser.

8. A man should not be a womanizer

Casanova or playboy sounds good when you’re only looking for his best women. But when you did it, shouldn’t be a womanizer and chasing after the latest skirt as annoying beggar.

9. The man doesn’t have to be a blockhead

Wherever the wind blows and no matter how stormy, care for and control the situation better than to surrender to the will and the mercy of the elements. Blockheads don’t care about the future, they haven’t grown to real men.

10 things a man should never do in any case!

10. A man should not be lazy

The Soviet poet Nikolai Zabolotsky in his poem called: “Do not let your soul be lazy!” A man should not be kept in one place. A man is entitled to go on adventures or create their own. Travel, sports, new discoveries, or the storming of the career ladder is opening something new in life and in himself. A man should not be lazy. He is a conqueror, an Explorer, a conqueror of new vertices.