10 things that every man is afraid

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If girls may be afraid of the dark, big dogs, mice and spiders, the male is not a person. Yeah, don’t have a real man, if you remember all the stereotypes, nothing to fear. And how to do it, when all around the world come, natural disasters are overwhelming, and darling began to look to the side? In spite of all men have fears. Moreover, that is absolutely fine! These fears have nothing to do with phobias, so the treatment of the question. Useful to know about them and be able to keep in check.

1. The life lived in vain

10 things that every man is afraid

This fear is visited by a man of 35-40 years. Looking back on a life well lived does not cause even a smile. The man is sure — life is not possible and lived in vain. Cute lady, of course, know that this is His Majesty the midlife Crisis. Yes, love was not the most popular man in the world, but those who have done it, I feel not otherwise to forty years. Yes, it’s not about facts and accomplishments, and chemical reactions of the male body. It will pass and no more. Women are recommended at this time to support the man and to be there in extreme cases, you can go to a therapist.

2. Ridicule

Only men are capable of a ridiculous man is considered weak. Therefore, gentlemen are afraid to be in a curious situation. To survive in the society bitterly mocking will only own a sense of humor. The man got into a stupid situation on the people? So let he first and the start of a laugh. Moderate-irony moves mountains and attracts people better than a magnet. However, the boundaries should not be crossed, because in them lies the self-esteem of men.

3. Changes

10 things that every man is afraid

Old and established so reliable and calm. The man may not the same as a woman once a month to change the image or atmosphere of the apartment. It scares all new, and sometimes leads to panic attacks. You need to set yourself that immutability may result in a stalemate and peace of mind — boredom. Small changes will pleasantly refresh life, if you perceive them as an entertaining adventure.

4. The failure of women

10 things that every man is afraid

No man does not understand woman. And if understands, not the fact that correctly. Uncertainty begins, whether interpreted women’s signals. As a result the man is on a date sits and twitches, earning neurosis and sexual dysfunction, instead, to enjoy a pleasant society. The only way to raise the self — esteem-convince yourself that rejection does not end life. On a date to drink cognac or vodka, not more glasses. Then the failure will probably be perceived from a philosophical point of view.

5. Lose

10 things that every man is afraid

In a man’s world can’t be wimps. Defeat in any sphere of life causes a sharp drop in self-esteem, no matter men dishes washed or a race in an online game competed. Interesting fact — men in early childhood begin to compete with each other always and in everything. For women these are not seen. Not to get caught on the same hook, and along with trauma, you should use your brain once in the air, a whiff of men’s competition. What to do? Nothing, just learn to play, not frustrating. Healthy optimism — the perfect prevention of fear of defeat.

6. Failure in bed

10 things that every man is afraid

Reproductive organ to to men, perhaps the most important part of the body. It is not surprising that self-esteem nose-dive from any height if the body of a badly fails. If you add the pressure from the media about the importance of the female orgasm, the picture is very depressing. The best prevention of the quirks of the beloved body, maintaining a normal healthy lifestyle with healthy sleep, vitamins, no alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. Surprisingly, many men are for this reason tied with a dissolute life and find themselves in the sport.

7. Cheating

10 things that every man is afraid

Cheating is able to destroy the base every relationship turn into ashes of love and perverse element of society — the family. Of course, self-respecting man is unlikely to want to wear long antlers. However, the more he is afraid to change your wife. Afraid that cheating happens by accident. Here he and his colleagues at the bar, and in the morning in a strange bed. Women can enjoy such fear, and can attend to them. Because man is afraid of random uncontrolled infidelity, so he goes with the flow of life and does nothing to prevent this fact.

8. Weakness

Fear of appearing weak makes the man to do push-UPS, when shaking hands, to find your own way to the hotel in a foreign country and lift super heavy things that only the team of workers. The woman sees in these actions the share of global human stupidity. But the man is ready for everything just would not have called a helpless and weak.

Natural selection makes guys be strong, and he’s not going anywhere. Well, if the woman creates in a common housing rear, where you can bring and failures and weakness and will not condemn. A strong man must be weak sometimes, and this can only be a woman.

9. Power

Men are afraid of any manifestation of power for one reason. She is the courageous individual the person turns to another part of the huge mechanism of the billion of the same, besides not having the right to vote. This fear makes men do crazy things. They do not obey the teachers, run away from the army, quit work. And all because they need personal freedom and independence.
However, the reality is that to avoid power fails many people. But it will not cause harm to either life or nature, if you treat it as a means of achieving their goals.

10. Loneliness

10 things that every man is afraid

Fear of being alone men can experience even more than women. They just keep quiet about it so as not to show others my weaknesses. The reason is not even refreshing liquid before death. Modern life is considered the norm that every man should be, if not wife, then at least a girlfriend. And contrary to the norm — lose competition counterparts by gender.
Therefore, even a confirmed bachelor at some point you start to think about family. And that’s fine, because it’s designed by nature.