10 surprising facts about each of us

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We are all unique, but all very similar! Unite us in particular, things about which speech will go now.

1. You have in the stomach … toxic acid!.
10 surprising facts about each of us

Each of us carries with him the poison without even knowing it. Is hydrochloric a substance that helps dissolve food in the stomach. Something like this is used in heavy industry for metal! And soon after the death of a man this acid “eats up” and his organs.

2. Poor memorize? Change your posture!

Our memory largely depends on perceptions. To remember an event from the past is easier if you take the position in which you were at a particular moment. Of course, this is still the very posture I think… However, a grain of truth in this is still there: if you remember something important – mark the process a special position, not too sophisticated, and try to memorize it. So you can help your brain.

3. A broken arm is… restore balance
10 surprising facts about each of us

Bones – not simply a frame for the body, they take an active part in the control of calcium levels. Sometimes fractures occur in the name of restoring calcium and phosphorus levels of the body. Because these elements are necessary not only bones but also muscles and nerves. Fractures released from a sufficient number. Of course, not every fracture can be brought under this paragraph, but sometimes the reason is this – according to scientists – especially if the blow that caused the injury was minor.

4. Brain breathes

In this statement there is nothing sensational, everybody knows it. But it is worth to remind about it: more walks in the Park and airing! Because the brain, although not more than 2% of the total mass, and requires 20% of all consumed oxygen. The same goes for calories. By the way, oxygen is one of the causes of stroke.

5. Women’s issue

This item is not only beautiful half of humanity. With the achievement of 40-50 years and the onset of menopause, the female body eliminates the egg, which was never used. Fortunately, their stock is women are usually more than enough.

6.  Puberty is able to change the structure of the brain
10 surprising facts about each of us

Puberty – a byword, one of the most emotionally difficult periods in the life of any person. It is difficult precisely because the hormones have a direct impact on the brain, on neurons. This invisible process comes out in the form of rapid mood swings and depression and sometimes aggression.

7. Why do we need nose hair?

This is not a mistake of nature, and the necessary physiological progress: they contribute to the drying of the mucosa to the required level.

8. Wisdom teeth outsmarted the brain
10 surprising facts about each of us

Wisdom teeth – a kind of “Hello” from a very distant past, when I had to sink his teeth into the raw meat and chewed it carefully. In fact, they can be considered very persistent longevity: evolution changed hands, brain, jaw bone, but I guess compared to the “extra” teeth, giving this fight dentists.

9.  Laughter is contagious!

“Infected” you can not just yawning, but with laughter, say researchers. When you can hear laughter – a body without your knowledge activates part of the brain, “leading” facial movements.

10.  Four color of human skin
10 surprising facts about each of us

White skin is the skin without any additional “coloring”. Reddish hue to the skin surface give the blood vessels, located very close to the surface. And yellow and black colors – the result of the impact of melanin. The more this pigment is the more stable the skin against ultraviolet radiation. Nature has taken care to ensure that people living in the most hot and dry countries, had sufficient protection from the sometimes damaging effects of sunlight.