What 10 skills should be able to the modern man

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Adult modern man is a true multitasking processor, which is very, very much. In this long gone conservative notions about real men’s problems. Modern man does not act in the woods, and in the bars, meeting rooms and a fitness centre. Before you actual skills that can not hurt to master any modern man.


Get ready. Practice. Look good. Smile and maintain eye contact. Speak more slowly. Ask questions. Feel your strength and finish your speech on a positive note. People tend to remember the first and last minutes of speech, so always prepare your speech in advance.

To distinguish good wine from bad

No one likes bad wine, because life is too short. There are several factors that will help you to choose a good wine and not spend a fortune on it. The first and most important rule — don’t buy cheap wine. Read the labels — this is a sure way to know the origin of the wine.


Constant stress at work? Panic attacks in the evenings on the subway? It’s hard to breathe? If these symptoms are for you synonymous of everyday work, then there is only one option — to call for help from your inner Zen. Sit in a comfortable position with a straight back and relaxed arms. Breathe deeply and regularly, close your eyes and try to dive into his consciousness. Keep breathing and try to make your thoughts blurry and distant. After some time of such practice, relaxation and peace will not keep itself waiting.

What 10 skills should be able to the modern man

Enjoy workouts

Sooner or later, after dozens, if not hundreds, of training must come a time when physical activity starts to bring pleasure. Everyone can have fun: muscles, burning desire, or the lungs happily filled with air in the first steps of Jogging.

To behave in a bar

A grown man knows how to lure a bartender even in the most impassable the crush at the bar. Prepare yourself for such a test is possible only through repeated repetitions: be patient and health.

To dress stylish, not fashionable

Trend is very good, and some of them are even worth paying attention to. But in General, much more wisely to choose clothes on the basis of seasonal fashion and your personal ideas about beauty.

To make presentations

There is nothing better in the middle of the day than a good presentation to colleagues and potential partners. Someone who knows how to do it nice and easy, just doomed to success. Remember the covenants of Steve jobs, armed with PowerPoint and go to the top of corporate Olympus.

To spot a lie

Body language can tell a lot to those who will learn to read his signals. Certain signals in the facial expressions a person can signal that the person is lying. For example, frequent blinking suggests that the brain is doing overtime, thinking up new facts.

Chop the vegetables as chef

Make sure that your blade is sharp enough. Get a special holder for the vegetables, which will help to protect your fingers. Buy end cutting Board — it would look great with any vegetables. And finally just enjoy the process — your friend will appreciate it.

What 10 skills should be able to the modern man

To choose good shoes

Good shoes — this is already done in order to feel confident in any situation. To choose such shoes should be able every self-respecting man.