10 simple ways to increase self-esteem

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Where does “low self esteem”? The main reason, like most other traits from childhood. This “gift” create parents who communicate with their child about in this tone: “again lost, sad sack,” “what a mess, do not understand simple things”, etc.

The kid believes his parents, and if parents constantly tell him that he is helpless that he’s not capable of that and it, even if it’s just parents don’t believe in the child, sooner or later the child will begin to itself is the same. And problems with self-esteem he provided.

Psychologists recommend that if a child does something wrong, don’t need to tell him that he is incompetent and a klutz, it is better to tell how to make it better.

But it so happens that the adult self-esteem can drop to zero due to any external events (stress), for example, an unexpected decrease of the work or parting with a loved one. It should be noted that more prone to such extremes of self-assessment choleric and melancholic.

10 simple ways to increase self-esteem

Can self esteem be improved? . The only warning if low self esteem has brought you to depression, it is better to consult a specialist.

Try to understand how you can increase self-esteem. The following proposed methods are very simple and instant miracles from them can not wait, but if you follow the recommendations consistently, not from time to time, and will approach the creative process, you certainly will succeed!

Important. Too strong desire can become a major obstacle on the way to purpose. Do not ever think that your self-esteem will grow. To success will lead a growing faith in yourself that comes along with regular exercise.

10 simple ways to increase self-esteem

1. Decided to do something – start immediately. The longer you gather, the more insistent the voice of your (yet!) low self-esteem starts to “say” that you still can not cope.

2. Each day, try to learn and try something new.

3. If you do not understand something, ask clarifying questions. Most likely, your interlocutor will be willing to answer them, for it is the best confirmation that you are taking what he said seriously. In any case, better to check than to do something wrong.

4. Sign up for aerobics, dance, pool or gym. “Healthy body – healthy spirit!” A healthy mind implies adequate self-esteem. You will feel like a trained body will make you more confident.

5. For temporary and rapid increase in self-esteem, especially women, will play the role of a Barber and hairdresser, beauty salon. Some helps and update your wardrobe.

10 simple ways to increase self-esteem

6. To smile! Constant dissatisfaction with how others, and ourselves is not conducive to improving self-esteem. Pay particular attention to his person, praise yourself for the smallest successes, you can start a diary of their progress.

7. Never compare yourself to others. Correct can be merely comparing yourself today with yourself as the former.

8. If you accuse in something – do not make excuses. Just calmly and confidently explain why you have done so.

9. No one can be perfect all the time. Forgive yourself for your mistakes.

10. Don’t be afraid to take the initiative. Let’s say all goes according to the best scenario. Think about your actions for all variants in advance. Negative experience is also required.

10 simple ways to increase self-esteem