10 rules of men’s style from Christopher Bailey

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Designer British brand Burberry shares thoughts and tips about the style.

1. If the others instantly notice your cufflinks or other jewelry, then you overdid it. As for hours, they have to be cautious and be combined with any clothes.

2. If you don’t care about fashion choose clothes according to circumstances. For example, for the city any dark clothes of good fit.

10 rules of men's style from Christopher Bailey

3. I admire men who wear ties. I like this style, but I even feel uncomfortable suit. If I only pretend to be adults. How tired of these images with a suit, sneakers and a t-shirt. It’s all in the shoes. I hate it when people wear business pants with sneakers. I would like to advise them to purchase a good pair of brogues.

4. Costume need to complement a good classic shirt. Rich prints and vibrant hues it is better to combine with jeans and chinos.

5. It’s funny when people wear things that are on the wave of popularity. Not all at once. It’s too much.

10 rules of men's style from Christopher Bailey

6. A few drops of perfume on the chest will work better than ten of “zilch” in the neck.

7. If you feel you have gone too far with the outfit, then so it is.

8. A leather jacket should sit just fine. Jacket baggy shape you age.

9. You have to feel your body under your clothes. When the outfit completely hides the figure, it looks sloppy.

10 rules of men's style from Christopher Bailey

10. As for the ability to dress, I think guys need to try harder. We are too lazy. You need to be risky, to listen to yourself and have a natural flair.