10 rare natural phenomena

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Much of what we see in nature, it is taken for granted. We can observe the beautiful and fascinating sunset, watch the clouds, but some of the things that happen around us remain not noticed! Well, or nearly so. And it’s very sad because if we knew where to look, you could see the incredible phenomena created by nature, which seem to you more beautiful than seeing the routine.

1. Volcanic lightning

10 rare natural phenomena
If you are asked to name two classy and stunning phenomena of nature, your answer can be — volcanoes and lightning. However, to see these two phenomena together is very strange… However, nature constantly invents new ways to impress us, and therefore volcanic lightning could become a reality!

10 rare natural phenomena

It appears during a thunderstorm, which occurs in the center of an erupting volcano. Scientists are not 100% sure why this happens, but the basic theory is that when a volcano erupts, it produces a positively charged substance into the atmosphere. Then it reacts with negative charges already present in the air that causes lightning and is really gorgeous spectacle.

2. Ice stalactite

10 rare natural phenomena

When the sea surface freezes, for example, on the North and South poles, the ice creates a so-called pocket of very cold and salty water gathering in the bottom of the ice. This blend of “pickle” is denser than the sea water underneath it, as a result, she has a tendency to sink slowly to the bottom. More fresh water, enveloping him and freezing because of the cold, turns the mixture into a kind of icicle under the surface of the surface of the water. The technical name for this phenomenon – an ice stalactite, which sounds a little strange, but inspiring! Also found this name this phenomenon as “brinicles” — namely the underwater icicles! And the truth is very similar!

Operators BBC filmed this beauty underwater time-lapse.

3. Penitentes

10 rare natural phenomena

And this is another incredible form of ice, something reminiscent of the underwater icicles, though they are already high in the mountains. These spiky fields of ice called Penitentes. Each Hulk can reach a whopping height of 4 meters. These frightening projections of snow formed in high mountain areas with low humidity, for example, the glaciers of the Andes. Surprisingly, under the right circumstances, when the sun bakes enough, the process of sublimation — the transition of matter from solid to gaseous state without staying in a liquid state. This phenomenon creates small pockets within the ice, which due to its shape attract even more heat. Hence the sharp spikes!

4. SuperCell

10 rare natural phenomena

If we compare this phenomenon with Superman and ordinary people, the same SuperCell stronger cousins of normal storms. This is because of SuperCell formed just like a tornado, and more – can create as a result of its rotation!

The SuperCell is the most dangerous of the four main types of storms, what’s more, they even kind of terrifying. Fortunately, they are also the most rare variants of the tornado, as a rule, are held in the Central U.S. in the spring. If you are ever lucky enough to cross the path of such things, just remember the only advice: run far away, but rather in the opposite direction!

5. Fire rainbow

10 rare natural phenomena

These colorful phenomena often occur in the summer season in areas of the middle latitudes, most of which is located on the territory of the United States. In fact, they represent only a halo of refracted light, and despite the name, have nothing to do with either fire or rainbows. Conditions of occurrence are as follows: the sun should be at an angle not less than 58 degrees above the horizon, and the sky to sail the Cirrus clouds, filled with lamellar ice crystals. Refraction of light is always parallel to the horizon, and due to the fact that arc is very large, become visible only part of them. They give the impression of clouds in the fire.

6. Solar dog

10 rare natural phenomena

A similar phenomenon in the atmosphere called the… sun dogs! Like fire in the sky, they are great light effects as a result of refraction of light. However in this case there is a feeling that they surround the sun. Sun dogs can be recognized by the two bright spots on either side of the glow. If these flashes are bright enough that they can be confused even with a couple of suns. Scary, isn’t it? But guarding the basic sun “dogs” absolutely no harm. The good news is that this phenomenon happens all the time in the world. You can see them if you look closely (especially when the sun is low on the horizon).

7. Water tornadoes

10 rare natural phenomena

Water tornadoes are exactly what they sound like. And there is nothing surprising in their name, as this tornado formed over the water. Because of this, they do not pose a serious threat, however if you are not in the boat. But even if so, be careful, because these tornadoes can reach speeds of up to 300 kilometers per hour. There is an assumption that they were the perpetrators of many mysterious shipwrecks-such as those that occurred in the Bermuda triangle. They can occur anywhere above the water, but are particularly common in the Florida Keys, where there are 400 tornadoes per year. Some say that these tornadoes are also less visible than their terrestrial friends, so you should pay attention to the surface of the water.

8. Snow donuts

10 rare natural phenomena

When we were kids, the first winter was to roll a big ball for a snowman or a fortress! Nature, however, also has its own way to have fun. The result was… snow donuts. You’re not wrong! This rare form of snow is formed in the ideal conditions of temperature, during snow storms. If part of snow is glued to another part, the force of gravity and wind force the ball to roll further. However in this case, a torus shape, which can reach up to 66 cm in height. Homer Simpson would love!

9. Layers of basalt

10 rare natural phenomena

Probably, at some time, basalt looked at itself in the mirror and decided to change something in your life! He lacked… organization! So, basalt showed the world what he’s capable of change, like the girls who decided to take himself in hand. And so he began to take a new form – an elongated like a column. On the surface of each pillar does not seem so impressive but if you look around all, then you will see a beautiful sight. The unique formations are the result of cooling lava, flowing perpendicular to the main flow.

10. Ice flowers

10 rare natural phenomena

Ice flowers, frost flowers or ice… technically this is true, they are built on the basis of some plants and wood. The reason is the layering of ice particles.

When the temperature in the air of the plant below zero, and the temperature inside is not, then water is pulled to the surface. This leads to the fact that the fragile connection of ice are pushed outwards, where it ends forming the “flower”. Although they are more similar to the leaves. But this does not prevent them to admire!